July 19, 2011

I have a really bad habit of sleeping through my alarm… like pretty much every day. Which leaves me with the same options every morning:

1) Shower? –> I have to admit, sometimes… ok most of the time I don’t do this becuase it takes too much time. Gross, I know. Sorry, now you know one of my icky pooh gross habits

2) Wash face/brush teeth –> These I never really skip because they take two seconds (dont judge my two second teeth brush doing)

3) Eat breakfast (Pretty much always gets left behind)

I know how important eating  breakfast is. I know what it means for my metabolism, for my energy and appetite throughout my day. Most days I don’t wake up hungry, so there’s that. But then I get to work and I’m like “crap. I really wish I had an egg mcmuffin right now. With some coffee. Yeah, a latte.” And really at that point, I’ve only been awake for about 35 minutes (seriously).  So logically, if I just woke up 35 minutes earlier (and showered maybe… I know you all are thinking that), I would be hungry enough before I left for work, and would have enough time to whip up a delicious egg mcmuffin. (Which is really easy by the way… and delicious.) speaking of egg mcmuffins,  Try my Goat Cheese Egg McMuffin!

Goat Cheese Egg McMuffin

1 Egg (or 1/4-1/3 c egg whites)

1 English Muffin of your choice ( I love Rudyi’s Organic English Muffins)

Chevre Goat Cheese (So good!)

Slice fresh tomato

Olive Oil Cooking Spray

Fresh Spinach or Basil (whatever you have on hand)

1) Heat non-stick skillet  on medium low and spray with with cooking spray

2) mix egg or egg whites with a fork (add splash of milk (if desired) for added deliciousness!

3) Toast english muffin and spread with goat cheese (once toasted)

4) Cook eggs in skillet moving constantly, making sure eggs do not stick to pan, and keeping a fluffy texture. Add spinach, basil or any fresh herbs during last minute.

5) Layer egg on goat cheese covered english muffin with slice of tomato.

Hope you started your day off the right way for you… today, for me… was a shower (thank god) and a huge water bottle with some lime. I really wish I had an egg mcmuffin right now though 🙂


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