Putting it out there…

July 19, 2011

The universe works in mysterious ways. The law of attraction, energies whatever you want to believe. I’m working on the rule that the universe takes care of you and gives you what you need to survive combined with the law of attraction. What does that really mean? Well… I’m opening myself up to some possibilities, to things that feel right in my heart and gut. Things that I either don’t currently have, aren’t currently in place, or things I don’t quite have direction with.  Here we go:


1) I want a one bed room apartment with a kitchen I can cook in, that is close enough to my work and family, that has a washer and dryer in the unit (pretty please) with a large closet.

2) I want to learn more about nutrition and cooking and use those skills to cook creative healthy meals.

3) I want to live with integrity, my integrity .


Right now those are my three biggest wants. They may change, but those feel good to me. Universe, do your magic.


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