An Ode to Kombucha

July 20, 2011

Its not really an ode… but rather a confession for my undying love. Kind of like I did for sushi a few posts back. I heart kombucha. Synergy specifically. Right now I’m drinking Strawberry Serenity, delicious and refreshing.

There are some mixed reviews about kombucha and its health benefits. Right now it seems that the consensus is that none of the health claims have actually been proved. But when you talk to people who drink it, most people have the same feelings towards it. It makes you feel good, inside and out.

Kombucha is essentially fermented tea full of good yeast and bacteria (kind of like yogurt). People who drink Synergy specifically have said they’ve experienced  increased energy levels and decreased appetite, to improved digestion, healthier skin and hair, and even a stronger immune system. I like to drink it in the morning instead of coffee when my stomach is feeling a little off or I’m feeling a little run down. I like to think its working 🙂

The taste is a little different too. It has a slight vinegary taste combined with what flavor you’re drinking (ie strawberry). You definitely get use to it though and they become extremely refreshing.  One thing to watch out for: Because kombucha is fermented tea is does contain a slight amount of alcohol. Whole Foods actually pulled Kombucha off their shelves for a few months (I practically had a conniption fit) because they felt that the company wasn’t accurately labeling the alcohol content.

Anywho, its worth a shot to give it a try. See if you like it and if it makes your stomach feel as good as it makes mine feel.


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