August 2, 2011

I’ve realized I need to add some photos to my posts, and in that realization, also realized that I need a new digital camera.  I have a list of things I need/want within the next few months. What I need to do is figure out the priorities. Here is the short list:

-New computer (any recommendations?)

-New digital camera (good for posting pictures on the blog and every day use)

-New living situation (gotta get on that one)

-New outlook on me, my body, my life. (work in progress)


One of the items that was on the list was a hair cut and color… I did that this weekend, and am in the process of regretting the “change” I wanted. I don’t think I ever thought I could go too blonde, until now. Instead of the usual full or partial high lights I get, I had my stylist die the bottom half of my hair blonde and do the highlights on top. I despised my lowlights (natural) color before, but now I’m realizing it gave my hair dimension, and my face a little color. In that moment I also knew I wanted a change in style… bangs? Yup. Again, not sure if its the best decision I’ve ever made. So now my hair is about 2 inches shorter, I have bangs, and I’m more blonde than I’ve ever been my whole life.

I always wait 2-3 weeks after the haircut to see how I truly feel about it- because by then the color has toned down a bit and my hair has grown out a little bit. The “true” cut comes out and usually I love it. But we will see.

Every time I get my hair cut and colored (which is about ever 12 weeks) I want something different. Do you change your hair style and color often? do you have a favorite stylist?


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