I’m Itchy

August 3, 2011

For the last two weeks I’ve been battling a total body itch fest. And not in a good way. It started on small areas of my body, and then has spread to basically anywhere on my body that can possibly itch.

I called my pharmacist, who recommended that I stop taking two prescriptions I was on- one was for acne, and one was for ocd type stuff. I saw my regular doctor who didnt find a rash (this is the weirdest part) but who ran a urine test, and found nothing. Just suggested I keep taking benadryl until the “itchyness” goes away.

Welp, its been a week since I’ve seen her, and 10 days since I’ve been off of the prescriptions. The itchyness has gotten worse. What’s also weird is that along with the itching, I also had major joint pain in my wrists, fingers, and shoulders. Today, the joint pain is better… but different. You know the feeling when you pop a blod blister in your fingers? (all you basketball and volleyball players know what I’m talking about) That’s how the inside of my fingers, palms, and wrists feel. Like I have broken blood vessels all around the joints.

No one seems to know what this is, or why im itching. I don’t have a rash (until I start scratching, then I break out in hives). I’ve been reading posts online from people who have the same or similar symptoms. Many of them changed their diet, stress level, etc. But no one seems to have permanent relief.

What could this be?! I’m at the point where detoxing sounds like my only option. What do you think?


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