Detox Anyone?

August 4, 2011

After many messages to my dermologist, primary care doctor, and pharmacists, I’ve decided prescription drugs just aren’t for me. In fact, I think all the years of acne prescriptions, anti depressants, and birth control have done a number on my system, specifically my liver. All the things these pills were suppose to treat and eliminate really never worked. Why did it take me 10 years to realize this? Because the rest of the world tells you its your only option.

I realized it wasn’t my only option about 6 months ago. It took me a long time to take myself off the 2 migraine “preventative” medications I was on, birth control, and anti depressants. But when I did, I felt a difference. It took my body a good 3 months to get use to not being on birth control, and the migraine medication was out of my system in a few weeks. At this point I really only thought about the effects the prescriptions were having on a surface level, and stopped there. I wasn’t thinking about the root cause. So after a while, symptoms began to come back, some worse than ever, and I freaked out. I had my parents telling me they were concerned about my acne and “picking”, my periods were just about killing me each month, and my migraines were a little out of wack. So what did I do? I made appointments with a dermatologist, my primary care, and a psychologist. I was on auto-pilot. I wasn’t listening to my inner voice, which was extremely uncomfortable during all of this. I really didn’t want to do this, but 50% of me was doing it for my parents, and 50% of me was doing it out of fear, panic, etc.

3 weeks into my new medications, and my body said “HELL NO”. Literally a full body melt down. Hives, rashes, itching all over the place. I immediately stopped taking all of the meds (except for birth control). As of today I’ve been off of the meds for about 10 days, and im just now starting to feel a relief. What happened? Why did it take so long for my body to reject them?

I was suppressing the voice inside of me, the real me, that didn’t want this. I was fighting her so much, that she finally said, ARE YOU GONNA LISTEN TO ME NOW SHELLEY!??! HOW DO YOU LIKE BEING SO ITCHY?! DONT LIKE IT?! WELL I DONT LIKE THOSE MEDS!

oh. ok.  i hear you now.

That inner voice is so important.. Its you, the real you. Not the you that’s influenced by others, or that worries about what everyone else thinks. But the you that faces fear, that comes out when you’re doing something you love, and living your truth. I struggle on a daily basis trying to listen to her, pay attention to her, and not forget her. More than not, I forget about her. And this is what she does. She screams at me until I listen.

Well I’m listening now, and I know what you need. You need to be taken care of, the right way. My way. The way that feels right to me.  Which as of right now, involves whole foods multi vitamins, Milk Thistle (for acne), Lysine (for viruses), Vitamin K2 (for acne), and fermented Kambucha (for the inner lining of my stomach and for my liver). My focus is on my liver right now. The damage i’ve done over the last 10 years. Just like I need to pay attention to the inner me, I need to take care of my body. What’s inside.

The next step is a detox, followed by a supervised raw foods cleanse. The detox lasts about a week, and what it consists of is elininating: gluten, wheat, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol. A heavy list if you ask me. I’m Italian- 90% of my diet is made of gluten/wheat, dairy, and alcohol. Sweet sweet alcohol.

So here’s what I’m doing. Right now I’m on vacation at my favorite place on earth (post to follow) so I’m going to enjoy my weekend but pay attention to what I eat and keep a food journal. I’m going to start by slowly eliminating caffeine. Next week I will eliminate the rest. After a solid week of the detox, I will move onto the cleanse. I’l tell you all about it, what I’m feeling, how its going. Join me on this interesting journey, I promise you wont be bored 🙂


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