Back to Work

August 8, 2011

I realized that I never wrote a post about my favorite place on earth. I need to do that, but it will require pictures for your viewing pleasure. Its the only way you will be able to appreciate what it is I am describing.

In other news, I’m back to work after 4 glorious days in Tuolumne, with a recap of some great events that occured over the weekend.

1) I purchased many vitamins that will jump start my liver cleanse and help get things rolling. I mentioned them in the previous post here

2) New Clothes, courtesy of Heel to Toe in Sonora

3) A raging wicked sunburn…that hopefully is on its way to a glorious tan. We shall see.

4) New recipes that the fam loved! (mista salad dressing, yukon gold “smashed” potatoes, bbq hamburgers, and guacamole! Oh yeah.

5) I discovered one of the BEST health food stores EVER in a little town called Standard. Nature’s Whole Food Depot. I’m in love.

6) I bought a copy of Michael Polland’s Food Rules. Its to the point, informative, and follows my own nutritional principals.

7) Two solid runs, one for my 5k Training plan, and one for fun. Week 3 Training: Done and Done!

8) The confirmation that I need a truck or an SUV. I love driving my F150 up there.

I promise pictures will come soon, I need to head to Best Buy to look at some new cameras and see what I want. Any suggestions?


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