Detox Anyone? Update!

August 8, 2011

As you all know I made a decision to start a mini detox, slowly eliminating certain foods to help with this itching problem I’ve been having. This weekend I was successful in eliminating caffeine, dairy/wheat (for most of the time), alcohol, and sugar. I’ve been completely off caffeine, but watched the amounts of the rest. This week I will be slowly eliminating wheat and dairy, sugar and alcohol, until I am off all of these for one full week. Then I will re-evaluate how I’m feeling and move onto a cleanse that will be monitored by my good friend Sasha. She is a holistic health coach that knows a ton about safe and effective cleanses. You can check her and her business partner Teresa on their RockStar Website here!

My couch to 5k Training program is moving along quite well… Tonight I bump up my run to 3 sets of 1/2 mile intervals mixed in with 1/4 mile fast recovery walks. I’ll let you know how that goes tonight, but I have a feeling it wont be too bad.


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