5K Training Update- Week 4!

August 9, 2011

Morning everyone!

So last night I completed the next phase of my training (Week 5 on the training schedule, but Week 4 for me) and it was pretty awesome. Although I’ve slowed down my pace quite a bit to keep up with the longer distances, I ran the whole time. So I feel pretty good about that.

Last night’s 1/2 mile intervals flew by, mostly because I was watching Sex and the City reconnecting with the characters:  Carrie was falling for Alexander Potrovsky, Miranda and Steve got back together, Samantha had an unfortunate downstairs mix up, and Charlotte overcame a personal tragedy. God I love that show. And both of the movies. Don’t judge.

I’m thinking about adding some strength training to my training plan pretty soon, but I just realizing that I only have 12 days left before the race. 30 minutes twice a week doesn’t sound too bad, and maybe it’ll give me that “runners” edge to kick some serious ass for the race. Yeah, no. That’s wishful thinking 🙂

5K update coming Wednesday!


One Response to “5K Training Update- Week 4!”

  1. Suzanne Holt Says:

    I love how devoted you are to your running! It’s amazing how much you run. Nice job!

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