Im in Itching Hell

August 10, 2011

So yesterday I made a few “bad” choices in my journey of detox…. and now I’m fully regretting it. I am so incredibly itchy on my arms, hands, fingers, chest…. and my joints in my fingers are killing me. What caused this you ask? I’m guessing the subway sandwich on wheat bread, Sun Chips (so good), dads home made pizza, red wine, and ice cream cake. Yep, that probably had something to do with it.

The good news is, now I really know. Wheat does not agree with me. It just doesn’t.  I had a full body itch fest about an hour after I finished the subway sandwich and chips in a work meeting with one of my biggest clients. Wasn’t awkward at all lol.  After eating the pizza, drinking some wine, and having a ginormous piece of ice cream cake (which i have to say was totally worth it) I felt bloated, sick, etc.

So today is a cleansing day. Lots of water with lemon, kambucha tea, salad and veggie lentil soup for lunch. And the next phase of my 5k training regimen.


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