Its time for calorie counting…

August 22, 2011

Welp, if you’ve been following my little 5K journey, you know that I was suppose to weigh in on Sunday morning and let you all know if my weight changed from training. I completely forgot to weight myself (probably because I was so nervous) but remembered this morning.

I’m pissed- not shocked, but pissed. Although I’ve been working out for about 30-45 minutes 3 days a week for the last few weeks, I gained 2 pounds. And I can feel it. In my mid section. Like a tire, a big fat tire around my waist. Again though, not completely shocked. Here’s why:

Although I’ve made some healthy changes to my diet and lifestyle (avoiding gluten, wheat, dairy, alcohol (as best I can lol) and figured out avoiding caffeine didn’t make a big enough change to cut it out completely- I’m probably eating way too much. Let me explain:

As I embarked on my gluten free journey, I of course found some amazing products. One of which is Pamelas Baked Goods. Holly hell have you tried her chocolate cake baking mix? I’ve made it three times in the last three weeks. I’ve had it for  breakfast, after dinner, as dinner, and even licked the knife I cut my piece with clean. So as you can understand, I have a deep love for this cake. Yes, its gluten free. BUT Its not CALORIE FREE. Hi welcome Shelley. I’ve also been eating many more carbs than I was before (go figure) most of which are gluten free, but again, more than I was before. (See what happens when you restrict something… I unconsciously wanted more)

I also know I do too much late night “snacking”. These snacks have gone from a piece of toast with peanut butter to a full blown bowl of cereal. More carbs.

So I have a plan- another glorious plan that I’ve already put in place. Counting Calories. (yeah makes me want to punch my computer too) Here’s why I’m doing it- I need to know how many calories I’m actually eating, compare it to what I should be eating, and make some changes. I’m already working out more, sleeping better, feeling better. Now I want to work on getting this weight off. I’ve told you before, my goal is 150lbs, but really, I just want to reach my “Feel Great Weight”- whatever number that ends up being.

So I’ve created a food diary on MyFitnessPal. I think you can see it here– let me know if you cant and I’ll figure it out.

***Something to think about***

What’s your “feel great weight” are you at it now? Has that weight changed? How did you get there? I’d love to hear your comments on this!


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