Its been a while…

September 14, 2011

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re having a great afternoon! Its been a few weeks since my last post. Its crazy how easy it is to get out of the habit of something, especially when its something you love to do. I’ve really missed blogging/journaling over the last few weeks, so I’m glad to get this started up again.

A lot has happened!

Yesterday I began a boot camp for 5 awesome ladies (one of which I sort of grew up with). They’re training for the Tough Mudder next year and I’m really excited and thankful that I get to help them get there.

On Monday I officially started my IIN coursework. Whoo hoo! After a few weeks of listening to their “Fundamental” lectures and reading to get me ready for the school year, I’m really excited to dive into this.

I’m running another 5k on Sunday! And I didn’t train for this one! I’m not sure what I was thinking! But its ok! (i hope you heard me yelling as you read this- good times)

I found an apartment! A beautiful, modern place of heaven. I found exactly what I was looking for: amazing location, beautiful (I’m sorry did I mention it’s beautiful) apartment, awesome complex. I don’t think I have enough adjectives in my vocabulary to describe this place. Its everything I wanted (with a little more) and nothing less. My lease starts November 1st so this gives me some time to save a little more, pay off the last of my bills, and create a little cushion.  I’ve been reading lately that everyone should have an “emergency” savings fund worth about 6 months of your total income. I remember when this use to be 3 months of your income. Holy crap. I have some savings to do 🙂

Anywho- I’m back on the blogging bandwagon. You’ll see more entries as I’m participating in this boot camp with the ladies I’m training. There will be interesting fun facts from my IIN studies, and once I move new apartment updates up the wazoo.

I gotta get back to work out. Toodles my noodles


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