This is where the change happens

September 23, 2011

The last couple of days I’ve been a bit out of it. Sore and tired from the boot camps and over all exhausted. I first thought that maybe I just needed a day off to let my muscles repair, my body rest, and I would be fine for my next workout. After yesterday morning’s workout, I took a nap and overslept by an hour and a half. And I could have slept more. I spent the day with a sore throat, on and off chills, and just over all exhausted. This morning I couldn’t wake up for the life of me. I over slept 2 hours. When this happens I know my body is trying to tell me something.  Well, really its begging me at this point. Rest- I need to rest.

When you start a new workout program, no matter how in shape you are, rest is a vital piece of the puzzle. You’re challenging your body in ways that it hasn’t been challenged before, and your muscles need time to adapt. Your body needs time to adapt. My body especially has gone from a somewhat inconsistent workout routine for the past few months, to a dedicated schedule the last two weeks. Its a physical change and a mental change. And one that takes time to adapt.

I have a favorite phrase that I use in all of my training sessions to get my clients motivated. “This is where the change happens”. Usually I say it during the hardest part of their workout, or the second or third time through a circuit. Because it is during those reps that the biggest changes are happening. Their muscles are fatigued, they’re mentally struggling to keep going, and sometimes want to quit. But I also remind them, that those rest days, are also when the most important change happens. Muscle fibers and tissues are repairing themselves, getting stronger for the next workout. Your body is gaining strength, flexibility bringing them to their next step.

Bottom line here, listen to your body. Take your time when starting a new workout regime and know that it is ok to take a day (or two or three) to rest. You’ll come back stronger for the next challenge.



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