Recent Happenings and New Arrivals

December 1, 2011

Welp, its been a really long time since I last posted. Partly for lack of material, partly because I’m lazy, and partly because a whole lot of stuff has happened int he last month. Let’s recap:

I moved into my new place!

I’ve started a new boot camp, making that two boot camps a week and taking on more clients.

Studying my Integrative Nutrition material

I was selected for the Self 5 week Slim Down Challenge! I’m in the middle of week 1, so I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Added two adorable australian shepherds to my family… meet Kodi and Harley







They are 10 weeks old and technically “mini australian shepherds”. Their paws say otherwise, but we’ll see as they grow up lol.  I’ve had them for about two weeks, but its been a rough two weeks as they’ve been in and out of the vet. They seem to be doing better, so please think good thoughts!

With my new place and the holidays around us, I’ve been cooking a lot more, which means more recipes to share with all of you! I’ll be posting some of my impromptu recipes, favorite holiday recipes, and recipes I’ve been meaning to post. So look out for that… along with an obscene amount of pictures of my two boys.

**Thought of the day: What are your favorite holiday recipes? What memories do they bring back when you eat them?**




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