detoxing is delicious

July 20, 2012

Today I’m going to provide you an timeline of what I’ve been eating, drinking, feeling, etc so you can get a better sense of what I’m doing.

To start, last night I used a dry brush and exfoliated my whole body and followed that with a shower. I’ve been using a bar soap from Whole Foods the last few weeks (instead of my usual Dove Moisturizing Body Wash) and have been shocked as to how soft my skin actually is. I’m picking more up today, so I’ll let you know what kind it is.

I passed out around 1:00am, with the intention of waking up at 7 (to prep for the day), but didnt actually get out of bed until 9… clearly I was tired.

9:00am: Let the dogs out, prep my psyllium & bentonite shake. Drink the shake while feeding the dog. [Sasha warned me this would taste pretty bad, as the bentonite looks like clay… but it really wasn’t bad at all. No real flavor, and I drank it quickly]

9:20: Make Green Smoothie for today and Friday

9:30: Get ready for work, pack up my bag of food, drinks, supplements for the day

9:45: Head out to work

10:00: Start drinking my green smoothie (I’m surprisingly not hungry, so it took me an hour to drink this bad boy)

I’ve been drinking a lovely tea called Healthy Fasting by Yogi in between my smoothie and first batch of herbs

12:30 Take first bath of herbs and start drinking mineral broth… at this point I’m craving something savory, something that tastes like actual food, so the mineral broth is perfect. Soothing, comforting, and really really good.

1:30 LUNCH!!! Carrot ginger soup… and let me tell you, it was to die for. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I was driving. You will get a lovely glimpse of it tomorrow.

3:00 Second set of herbs with my watermelon chia cooler… if you haven’t tried this, you should really get on it.

4:05: I’m tired, a little achy, and really just want to take a nap. I’m not hungry or thirsty even, just tired. Kinda wanting to be comforted, cuddled with, but I have about 3.5 more hours of my day to finish…
5:00:  Second psyllium & bentonite shake. Went down just as easy as the first, no prob bob.

(Just to remind you, I’ve been working all day, seeing clients, answering emails/phone calls, etc. The only thing that has been difficult, is the fact that I have to pee every hour, on the hour. Other than that, its a pretty standard day in the life of the blonde)

5:30:  <–had a pt client, but cancelled because I could feel a migraine coming on… emotions coming up… not a good combo when trying to encourage others lol

6:30 Boot Camp w/ my trainer:  This actually went pretty well. I felt lighter, noticed I didn’t have as much energy as I wanted to have, but not enough to make me not workout, etc

7:45: Exhaustion. Like whoa.

8:00 Take pups to the park to run their faces off (at this point im starting to get really really hungry… I still have dinner to eat!)

8:40: Scarf down my dinner, while watching Sons of Anarchy (my fav). 1 avocado (and oh my god, avocado never tasted so good. The buttery goodness. It was exactly what I needed. ) 6 or so leaves of romaine, and millet/cucumber meal that was actually pretty good.  The avocado filled me up so much that I didnt actually finish the millet, so that also surprised me.

9:15: Dry brush, then shower. At this point I was getting really tired, emotional, irritable, achy. After my shower, I got in my most comfortable sweats and plopped on the couch. The boy came over about this time and sat with me and cuddled, which was exactly what I needed.

10:00: Craving something sweet. Now- you know you have a keeper, when your boyfriend understands the process of your cleanse, and suggests a lemon slushy, sweetened with stevia. Delicious, sweet, exactly what I needed.

11:00: Cuddle time with my love… the aches were getting much worse, so he massaged my neck and shoulders, and then we crashed.

I’ll keep you posted on tomorrow’s happenings and how I’m getting through this cleanse/detox!


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