ex·haust·ed: Drained of one’s physical or mental resources; very tired

July 22, 2012

I apologize for the lack of posts last night and today, but its been rough. Today is day 3 of the cleanse, and its been the worst day so far. Here’s the haps:

Last night the fatigue and light-headedness really sunk in. And the emotions. I cried over the Hunter Hayes song, “Wanted“. Yep.

Today hasn’t been much better…

I woke up early, before my track workout, to prep my green smoothie for today and tomorrow. I wanted to use up the fresh fruit I had on hand, which happened to be plums and pumpkin peaches (yeah I had never heard of these before either…but they came in my Farm Fresh To You organic produce delivery). And today’s greens were collard greens, which are very difficult to break down, so I blended everything in parts. Plums and peaches are not as sweet as berries. Like, not even close. I tried adding a little stevia, but it just tasted funky. So today’s (and tomorrow’s) green smoothie is known as the “horrible” smoothie. Yeah.

Onto my workout… every Saturday I work with my trainer and a few women up at the College of San Mateo track for an intense cardio/strength workout. Today I was definitely feeling weaker than normal, and it was already 80 degrees on the track when we started, so I had to take it pretty easy. Well, I didn’t actually take it easy… i burned 804 calories in 60 minutes… it was ridiculous. I was drenched in sweat, and more exhausted than before.

The good news was, my amazing boyfriend drove me to my workout and picked me up, so I could rest a little bit. Then, for some reason, I thought it was a good idea to book a hair appointment during the worst day of my cleanse, and went onto that. I think I fell asleep while she was putting in the foils, washing my hair, and cutting my hair… just. so. tired.

After you get your hair done, what do most people do next? I know, get a colonic right? Yep… onto the colonic. I will say this- it wasn’t good. But it wasn’t bad either. It was an experience, and I learned I have candida (which apparently a lot of people have, due to the amount of antibiotics we all consume in our lives). More on that later.

After the coloninc, I was pretty much done for the day. I had reluctantly drank my green smoothie during my hair appointment and took my herbs on schedule, but I was in need of some serious food. So when I got home I dug into the beautiful salad that Sasha made me. Do I have a picture of it? Yeah- that was the goal, but the exhaustion has sorta messed with my memory… so I don’t have one. BUT I didnt finish it, so I will try to make what’s leftover look pretty and show you that for dinner.

After scarfing that down with the entire mason jar of mineral broth, I dry brushed, hopped into the shower, and plopped onto the couch with my pups for some much needed nap time.

Its 7:06pm, and I’m finally not feeling exhausted. Tired, yes. But not exhausted. But I am counting down the minutes till I can have dinner LoL. 8:30 is dinner time… I’ll shoot another post out after dinner with some pics and more updates. Until then, peace out home skillets.


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