Party in my mouth

July 23, 2012

This is going to be sort of a combo update… the rest of yesterday (day 4) and the beginning of today, (day 5). Here we go!

Yesterday was an all juice day, which I was really excited for. I had about 8 different juice blends to drink throughout the day, and most of them were extremely satisfying. It super easy taking them out on the lake, I just popped most of them in the cooler and saved two at home for when we got back. My hunger level was not bad, and my energy was decent. I got to sit passenger on the rides up and back and lay in the back of the boat while my love drove all ay. I know he was tired from all the driving, but I was able to relax and enjoy everything 🙂

I of course forgot to take pictures of all my my juices (lame, i know) but they had some awesome names : Good Morning Beautiful, Detox Diva, Pink Balloons (my fav), Wild Card, Lemon Drop Cooler, Green Goddess… those are all the ones I can remember off the top of my head lol.

On the ride home though, the real hunger set in. I still had two more things to drink, so as soon as I got home I quickly drank my green goddess and mineral broth. Together they were truly satisfying, but I still wanted something to eat.  I think the emotional roller coaster I was about to embark on was playing with my mind. I know I’m an emotional eater, that’s no question, and it presented itself so clearly last night. I didn’t cheat or anything like that, but my emotions were directly related to the need to eat. So after my ginormous cry, I put myself to bed, and woke up feeling pretty good.

As of this morning, I’ve lost a total of 8.6lbs… not bad huh? My stomach is flatter, my skin is clearer, and the cravings are finally gone today.

Sasha gave me an incredible organic, home made chai almond milk blended with a banana this morning. Can I tell you. It was heaven. Like, a party in my mouth, happy dance around the office, high fives for all. Delicious.  In the next few hours, Sasha is bringing me today’s lunch and dinner so I will let you know about that as well.

Until then, have a great day today! Enjoy the beautiful weather, and GO GIANTS!!!! (I’ll be at the giants game tonight…anyone else?)


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