Did I tell you detoxing was delicious?

July 24, 2012

Not sure if you’ve heard, but detoxing can be ridiculously tasty.  How, you ask.

Watermelon gazpacho baby. That’s how.

Remembered to take a picture right before I finished it

That was yesterday’s lunch, and hot damn was it good. Last night’s dinner was enjoyed along the third base line while the Giants slapped the crap out of the Padres. This I did not take a picture of as it was hard enough to eat with all the amazing plays going on… did you see  Melky ‘s catch? And his adorable smile after…Melky Gets Help From Fans

Usually at a Giants game, the boy and I enjoy at least one hot dog a piece, a couple beers, maybe some nachos. But because he is fighting a pretty bad cold, and I’m rocking this cleanse, I stuck to my home made jicama and guacamole salad, and my love just drank a coke. Poor guy, hope he’s feeling better today.

Day 6 update coming soon…



2 Responses to “Did I tell you detoxing was delicious?”

  1. gracegothealthy Says:

    Hope he feels better soon. Thanks for sharing. Watermelon gazpacho sounds fantastic!

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