Its lunch time over here

July 24, 2012

Around 10:57 I sent Sasha a friendly text:

Me :”so, what time will you be by?”

Sash:  Gonna shower now then ill be over within the hour

Me: Sweet sounds good! Thanks!

… what I was really thinking…


However, I decided to remain polite.

And you know what she brought me? Lots, and lots of goodies. aka FOOD!

Rockstar Lunch!

Salad beast with chopped romain, hicama, radish, sprouts, and goodness

Organic, raw Nori Rolls from Que seRAW seRAW

Mineral brother…cause that’s how I roll

What other goodies she she bring? You’ll have to find out later… till then, I’m going to finish stuffing my face, and get back to work! peace out home skillets


5 Responses to “Its lunch time over here”

  1. YUM!!! Looks so good!!

  2. sarapolton Says:

    NICE! It’s so hard to be healthy in the work place.

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