Taunting Donuts

July 24, 2012

I’m hungry. Like, really hungry.  I’m hoping my purple smoothie will fill me up this morning

That would be a ginormous mason jar full of collared greens, peaches, plums, berries, ground flax, lemon, and cucumber

The scale didn’t budge today… but I can really see a difference in my body. My face is thinner, my legs look a little leaner ( I’ve had some excellent help from my awesome trainer 🙂

I’ve had a lot of people ask me what my workout routine is and if I kept it up during this cleanse. I have kept it up during the cleanse, but most workouts I haven’t been able to push as hard as I normally can. The first four days I noticed a big difference in my energy level, but the last two days have been much better. My weeks consist of 4 days of mixed cardio and strength, and 2 days of cardio. Here is my usual weekly workout schedule:

Monday: One on one personal training with Ami

Tuesday: Group Boot Camp w/ Ami

Wednesday: Cardio (20-30 min HIIT)

Thursday: Group Boot Camp w/ Ami

Friday: Moderate cardio (run with the pups, hike at Fort Funston, long walk with pups)

Saturday: Group Track Workout w/ Ami

Sunday: “Rest” Day- long walk with pups, easy run, etc.

I am also a part time personal trainer (im in sales full time) and train about 6 clients a week as well as run a group class on Wednesday nights. So I try to get little workouts during these times as well.

Just so you all know, I walked out into the main floor of my office to grab a fax, and there is a large box of fresh donuts chillin on the table… they’re taunting me.


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