Que SeRaw SeRaw!

July 25, 2012

This cleanse has been based on raw/vegan foods, full of vegetables, fruits, juices, etc.  For an Italian girl who loves her pasta, occasional glass of wine (and beer!), Nutella, and peanut butter on toast… this was a big change.  But a good change. No protein, no grains, no pasta, no processed foods. Just real, whole, organic, natural, from the earth goodness.  (And from the earth, I mean, from the earth, purchased by Sasha, created/concocted/deliciousified into something that I got to enjoy).

Every day was not only a treat but a surprise. I had no idea what Sasha was going to come up with next, what I was going to enjoy that day. After the day of juicing (which was pretty tough for me), Sasha surprised me with some legit treats. Keeping to the cleanse, they all were raw and vegan. And they were from an amazing place called Que SeRaw SeRaw. Chocolate mouse, nori rolls, cranberry scones- uh, yes please!

Cheesecake, schmeeze cake. It was straight up chocolate mouse and it rocked my world!


Clearly I was hungry…. or its just invisible. Either one


this was GOOD.. like really good… and it has raisins… and i ate it… i dont know who I am anymore


Thai Salad wrap… I spilled that little container of sauce all over my desk. It was tasty, even off of my desk

So if you’re in the Burlingame area, and are interested in trying some of this deliciousness, check out the menu on their website. Tomorrow is my first day off the cleanse, but it will consist of a lot of goodies from QueSeRawSeRaw… stay tuned for that! 🙂


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