Yep, I’m the hot mess

July 25, 2012

Last night sucked. Well, not all of last night, but from the minute I came home, to leaving for work this morning… the last 10 hours or so have been a little rough. Here’s what happened:

1) After getting home, feeding the pups, and getting situated, I got my amazing tomato soup out to heat up and enjoy. I managed to spill a good 80% of it all over the counter, floor, my left arm/hand, and Kodi. None of which was salvageable, so my dinner was a little meager, but tasty

tomato soup!

2) One of my nightly routines this week has been cleaning out my mason jars from the day so they’re ready for the next day. I didn’t finish my green smoothie so I went to pour it out in the sink…and spilled that all over me, the counter, and some clean towels.

My dishes for the day

3) Pups had been alone all day and were cuddled up on my bed, so I thought I’d let them sleep with me for the night.

Don’t they look so innocent… well, besides the demon eyes…



4) I get night terrors every once in a while, so they’re pretty normal to me, as freaky as they are. Last night I had the most bizarre night terror  ever. Apparently I was dreaming that men were trying to get into my house. Before I went to bed I had opened up a couple windows throughout the house to air it out, so in my dream I ran out of bed and went around the house closing the windows (I was dreaming, but actually doing this). Then in the dream, one of the men got in through a window I didn’t close, so I tried to get out. I opened my back door, and in real life, set off the alarm. The alarm woke me up, and I was standing there in my kitchen, holding onto the handle of my back door, completley disoriented. Freaked me out.

5) This morning around 6am, the dogs were getting restless in bed, so I let them out in the backyard. Normally, the sprinklers go on around 3am, but for some reason they went on this morning around 6:15. In my half-awake/half asleep state, I didn’t close the back door all the way. At about 6:45, both dogs came tearing into my room, wet and muddy. My white comforter is no longer white, and my sheets are just gross. So those are now in the laundry.

6) After the mud extravangaza, I thought it would be best to get ready in my room without the dogs. So I shut the door leaving them in the other part of the house for maybe 5 minutes. MAYBE. In those 5 minutes, Harley and Kodi took the full roll of toilet paper from the guest bathroom, and basically T-P’d my entire living room. I give them credit, they did a fantastic job, but holy shit man. REALLY.

7) Finally, and this is the least of my problems right now, I gained 1.2 lbs. It bothers me, it does. Not sure why that happened, but my guess? Lack of sleep, over worked my body yesterday, and dehydrated.

All in all, its the last day of the cleanse. I’ve almost made it.  I will have a full recap of the cleanse in a later post, but until then, I hope you all have a great day!

**I have some great ideas for post-cleanse topics to write about, and of course posts for today. Let me know if there is something you would like me to discuss, any questions you have about this cleanse, etc!!**


2 Responses to “Yep, I’m the hot mess”

  1. aunt lee Says:

    woth all that going on lasat night, how did you manage to get trough today.? You shouldn’t have any more problems for the next year. Stop ove and have a glass of wine

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