Macaroon Madness!

July 31, 2012

So I have a new obsession. And it has nothing to do with Frye boots, or Breaking Benjamin, or even my spaztic pups.  This obsession is about raw/vegan, bite-size, close your eyes and savor goodness, macaroons. Ever tried one? You should. Go now and find some, cause I guarantee you will be hooked.

I’ve seen these amazing little snacks all over the blogs I read on a daily basis. The Fitnessista makes them regularly, and most bloggers who follow a vegan, vegetarian, clean eating, etc diet tend to make these as well.

I happened to experience my first macaroons from my fav little vega/raw store, Que SeRaw SeRaw. They have little containers very day of 6 macaroons, 3 “fudgie”, and 3 “blondies”. The blondies basically taste like coconut, and the fudgies straight up rock my world.  I took 4 with me today as snacks (see my little baggie below)

So now I’m on the hunt for some macaroon recipes. Any recipes you recommend, have tried and love? Let me know!!!


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