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October 16, 2012

Hi Everyone!

So apparently I completely forgot I started a blog a few months back. I think its time to post some updates!

First and foremost, this blog was orignally created to share with you all my fitness, diet, and lifestyle experiences. To share what worked, what didnt work, and things I’ve been trying out. The last few posts were all about cleasing and what not. The posts going forward are going to be about getting back on track… back into my workout zone, back into eating whats right for me, and back into my every day blonde moments. I hope thats ok with you. So lets get started:

I left you guys with an obscure injury to my left knee and hip. I fell doing one leg hops up the CSM stadium stairs. That fall began the violent shove off my workout and healthy eating bandwagon. I got discouraged, I got bummed. I let this defeat me. And its stupid really, because I could have worked around it. But I didnt, I just sort of gave up. Its been two months, and I still dont really have answers about the injury. I know nothing is severely torn in my knee, I did dislocate my hip slightly, but I still have severe knee pain. And now my right knee has pain, probably becuase I’ve been compensating this whole time. Its a crappy situation, but I finally have a plan.

Seeing my frustration and backward steps, my trainer pulled me aside to give me some tough love. And she was right- work on strengthening the muscles around the knee, keep icing it, foam roll, use my trigger point kit, stretch, increase my hip flexibility and strength, and keep moving forward. Don’t give up. <– Good trainer huh? 🙂

So thats the plan now: foam roll/trigger point therapy every day, focus on strengthening my calf muscles, my hip flexors, outter thigh/IT band.

Now my diet: I’m an emotional eater… doesnt really matter what emotion, I can always find an excuse to sit on the couch with a bowl of mashed potatoes. So, after two months of that, I’ve hit my wall and I’m ready to pull myself out of the rut again. Not with a drastic cleanse like the last few times, but with a new plan. I’m not exactly sure what that plan is yet- but as of right now, I’m choosing healthier options. Fruit salads instead of a chocolate chip cookie, a cup of coffee instead of a soy latte, more water, more veggies. Easy, obvious solutions right? Its a start.

So thats whats new in my fitness and health life. In other areas of my life, work is extremely busy, and my house is a constant work in progress. New paint, new furniture… its a start. The boy and I are doing very well, and my pups are psycho as always, tearing up my backyard and scratching up my hardwood floors.  My sister got engaged about a month and a half ago, so my maid of honor duties are in full swing.

Thats about it for now… I’m going to keep up with the blogging again, post some great workouts I come up with for my clients, fill you in on my healthy eating habits, and keep you posted on every day life things. Becuase thats what this blog is all about… in this world, when most people are trying to be someone else, we’re just trying to be ourselves. And in my world, thats living each day, one blonde moment at a time 🙂


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