I planned and I Prepped

November 6, 2012

So I spend most of yesterday trying to create a plan for my upcoming seven day cleanse. I spent hours writing down recipes I remembered from my last cleanse, browsing websites for raw and vegan recipes, and placing books on hold at Barnes and Noble.  Five pages of notes later and two hours at Barnes and Noble with my love, I found some great recipes and created a plan. Today I will outline days 1-3 as I have those planned in detail, completed my shopping, and some of the prep work today.

Days 1-3 will go as follows:

Breakfast: Green Smoothie (cucumber, lemon, spinach, ground flax, frozen berries)

Lunch: Veggie Soup

Dinner: Large Veggie Salad

Snack: Mineral broth, detox teas, chia coolers

Lots and lots of water!

Today’s prep included shopping for the next few days of lunches and dinners. On the meal plan: celery soup, chilled spinach soup, mexican cesar salad, and romaine jicama salad. Most of these recipes I found in the book Super Cleasnse by Adina Niemerow. The celery soup I made last week and fell in love. This week I decided to make it a little different. I’ll post that recipe later on. But today, 70% of the produce I bought went into making a hearty and large pot of Mineral Broth. I looked up many recipes for this and found one that seemed like the best option. On Jeanette’s Healthy Living blog, she has a recipe posted for “Magic Mineral Broth”. I made a few adjustments (mainly bc I forgot to buy a few things) so here is what mine looks like after abour an hour and a half of simmering:

In about 30 minutes I will be straining it into large Mason jars and saving all of the veggies to make some pureed soup. I’m hoping it makes enough to last me through the whole cleanse? Maybe 7 mason jars full lol. We shall see.

Although I dont begin the cleanse until Thursday, I want to have 90% of the prep work done for days 1-3 as they are the hardest. Today and tomorrow I’m pre-cleansing, adding in more veggies and fruit, subtracting caffeine and as much sugar as I can. Resting, drinking some detoxing teas and lots of water. Stay tuned for more updates to come!


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