The Day Before the Cleanse

November 7, 2012

Morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! Today is day two and the final day of pre-cleansing. What that means is I’m gearing up physically and mentally for my 7 day raw/vegan cleanse. I’m adding in more veggies and fruit, taking out caffeine and sugar. Usually I would take 3-5 days to pre-cleanse, but I didn’t get on that until yesterday. So today I will be consuming a large green smoothie, pureed root vegetable soup, a coconut water chia cooler, and lots of tea. Unfortunately tonight I have an event that is based around alcohol and appetizers…. In no way did I want to miss this, so I will be kind to my body today, enjoy some tastes tonight, and start cleansing tomorrow.

You know the mineral broth I made yesterday? That huge pot made 6 large mason jars fun of broth, and 6 large mason jars full of pureed soup. (After straining all of the broth from the veggies, I put the veggies in batches into the blender with some warm water and made delicious thick soup!)

I also made a BEAST of a salad last night for my dinner on Thursday. I will take a picture of this when I eat it because its huge. Kind of ridiculous. Delicious though, even Steven liked it.

Speaking of Steven, he is off completing his CPAT certification today (all you firemen know what I’m talking about). So to show him how much we love and support him, I sent him this picture on his way to the test:



Hope you all have a great day! Check back in for more updates!



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