Day 4….

April 17, 2013

….sucks a fat one

Ugh. I’m at the point in every cleanse where my mind and body are sort of battling it out with me, bringing up deeply rooted emotions that I tend to ignore, creating aches and pains in my limbs, which in turn lead to exhaustion. I could fight it, which is what I usually do in my life, or I could embrace it. Which is not something I’m use to. Part of me feels like embracing the emotional side of this makes me a failure. Its like laying all of my worries, insecurities, frustrations, what have you, all on a poster in bright colors, with underlines, arrows, maybe a 3-d picture popping out at you. And I can’t escape it. Its right there in front of me. I could try to bury it again, tear up the poster and pretend those things don’t exist. Or I could accept them. Stand there in front of them, look at what’s in front of me, with gentle non-judgemental eyes. It’s a choice. A hard one at that, but still a choice. And its a hard choice with the physical aches and pains, exhaustion, and over-all frustration because I’m straight up detoxing. Physically and emotionally.

Being able to express what I’m feeling is a good start. It obviously gets it out there, the best I can describe it. And the words tend to lead me into expressing other emotions. It’s almost like I’m leading myself through the journey, guiding with my words, creating openings that allow me to express what’s going on. Almost like story-telling.

Not sure if any of that really makes sense, but it felt good to get out there.

Now an update on what I’m consuming 🙂

Last night for “dinner” I had a delicious green soup made with spinach, cucumber, red bell pepper, avocado, tomato, and lots of other good stuff. See pic below


And today is an all liquid day (as was yesterday). So This morning I started my day with my Morning Sex Smoothie (same as yesterday) and my digestive stimulator. I have 2 green juices, one of which is parsley pear (my fav!), a carrot ginger juice, grapefruit fennel (really good), another green soup, and a coconut milk/banana/pineapple smoothie. I couldn’t finish my smoothie this morning, so I’m hoping the day will continue that way, feeling satisfied with each juice, smoothie, and soup.

And here I go, continuing to push through this day. 🙂


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