Almond flour vs. Coconut flour

May 8, 2013

Hi everyone 🙂

Since I’m still on my cycle, and feeling rather emotional and in need of cuddles, I’ve been making some paleo waffles to help sooth my soul. Last week I made a batch from PaleoOmg using almond flour. Delicious. Today I made a batch from Nourishing Days using coconut flour. Also delish. So which one tastes better? Which one makes me feel better? Which ones stick with me longer?

They both taste great. I mean they’re waffles, come on. However, the almond flour waffle is much more dense. It’s a heavier waffle, takes more time to chew. One to two little triangles from my belgium waffle maker was plenty. And they stuck with me for hours.

The coconut flour waffles seemed just as dense when I made them, but were actually much lighter while eating. They seemed to come out a bit drier though, so a little bit of melted ghee on top was necessary. Well maybe not necessary, but it felt important at the time. And I ate two and a half triangles. That was about 2 hours ago and I’m still going strong.

So my question to my paleo and Whole30 friends, which do you prefer to bake/cook with? Almond flour or coconut flour?  Mind you I am already thinking about my birthday cake…. which is seven months away… but something I look forward to every year. Not necessarily my birthday, but the cake. My mom makes this insanely good carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It’s to die for. Let me preface though: No nuts, no raisins. NO RAISINS. Cause that’s just gross.  And my good friend Rachel (who is also following the Whole30 and is a CRAZY good baker/cake maker… Cake Baking Extraordinaire! Yeah that sounds good) will be testing out paleo recipes for cakes and what not. I’ve already told her the importance of carrot cake in my life, so I trust that she will develop something amazing. And I shall be her official tester. The end.

Let me know what you all think about cooking and baking with alternative flours!


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