Cake, Bread, and Bangs…

May 13, 2013

Good morning and happy Monday everyone! Ugh who am I kidding. Its monday. FML.

This weekend was a blast though. Saturday started with a beast of a workout at the CSM track. I took Friday off to rest and had a lovely date night with the Stevenator instead. We went to CPK for dinner and I had a huge California Cobb with dijon balsamic dressing. I ate the whole thing. It was delicious. Back to Saturday. My mom’s best friend put on a gorgeous bridal shower for my sister. I wish I had some pictures to put up so I’ll be as descriptive as I can 🙂 The theme was a beautiful myer lemon color and light green. The flower arrangements had hints of pinks and purples, there were signs hung as you walked into the house and outside int he back yard. The food was incredible: peach and raspberry champagne cocktails, mini dulche de leche cheese cake bites, home-made chinese chicken salad, the best sugar cookies you will ever eat (in the shapes of tulips and daisies)… I could go on and on. It was a beautiful day and so much fun. My sister had a great time and enjoyed every minute of it.

After the bridal shower most of us came back to my parents house to check out their newly remodeled backyard. My moms a sucker for a project, and this was quite the project. Again, I wish I had some pictures to show you. Next time I’m over there I’ll take some. The waterfall she designed and put in is incredible.

We were all sitting in the family room talking with one of my aunts and cousins (who live in Davis and we don’t see nearly enough) and I suggested we all go to our favorite restaurant Cafe Figaro for dinner. I was pretty much stoked when my dad said yes, so we all headed over there and enjoyed another awesome family dinner. I absolutely love those. Food, conversation, wine. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Saturday I stuck to my paleo/whole30 plan relatively well. I had a glass of champagne and one cheese cake bite. But other than that I ate fruit salad and chinese chicken salad. Dinner I had some wine and a new york strip with grilled veggies. I felt pretty good Sunday (despite a headache I had Saturday night… definitely from the champagne. Champagne and I don’t get along too well). And then Sunday happened. Mothers day and my brothers 23rd birthday. Two cakes, fresh rosemary bread, meats and cheese from italy. Heaven on earth. And I had some. And I’m paying for it.

I haven’t had bread in just about a month or so. Almost immediately after having a piece of the rosemary bread, I started sneezing, my stomach bloated up and I didn’t feel well. The cake put me over the edge. It was beyond good, and I ate way too much of it. But I felt sick about half way through it. My stomach is still upset from what I ate yesterday and I woke up with another migraine. I know for a fact that sugar and wheat just don’t agree with me. It’s better if I stay away completely from the bread, and only have a little of the deserts. Because really, chocolate is  worth so much more than bread. Especially chocolate cake.

I’m sure you’re wondering why the title says, “Cake, bread, and Bangs…” two weeks ago I went in for my usual highlight and cut and told my stylist I wanted a change… in the bang region. Apparently Kim Kardashian is rocking the bangs (and starting a trend of course) so she suggested I try something like that. So I did… she cut off about 6 inches from the front of my hair.  I’ve been wearing them pulled back a lot because I can’t quite figure out how to style them. But this weekend I had sort of an ah-ha moment, and wore them down Saturday and today. Usually when I get a new style it takes me about 2 weeks to figure it out, get use to it, and style it right. I’m almost at two weeks so were right on track.  Again, no pictures of this, but maybe tomorrow you’ll get an awkward self-portrait of yours truly.

One last note- thank god for spell check. You should see how many words I mis-spell as I’m typing. And most of them are easy words. Like parents.



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