Easy Shrimp Salad

May 30, 2013


Hope you’re all having a blasty blast. I’ve been in and out of meetings all day, but wanted to share this quick and super easy shrimp salad recipe I came up with last night. Now, I have to admit- I can’t take full credit for this. I based this recipe off of my favorite tuna salad recipe that I stole from one of my besties (and trainer) Ami. I’ll never forget it… we were in Estes Park Colorado visiting her mom and one afternoon she asked if her mom would make her “famous” tuna salad. Let me tell you- it was the best (and healthiest) tuna salad I had ever had. Changed my whole view on tuna.

So, without further ado, I give you “Amis” Shrimp Salad (that you can also make with tuna!)

1 lb wild, raw shrimp (I used frozen)
2 tbsp flat leaf parsley
2-4 celery stocks
1/4 c red onion
3 Hard-boiled eggs
1-2 tbsp home-made mayo
1-2 tbsp dijon
1 tbsp dill
salt (to taste)
pepper (to taste)
Sweet pickles (optional)

Boil some water and add salt (like you would for pasta) Drop raw shrimp in. It really only takes about 5 minutes. Drain, cool, take the tails off, and chop em up. Next, chop up your celery, onion and eggs. Add them to the mix. Then add in your mayo, dijon, dill, parsley, salt, pepper. Mix it all up (and if you can) let set over night. The flavors will meld together and create deliciousness. I served mine today on a bed of red leaf lettuce with a whole tomato chopped up, 3 sweet pickles chopped up, and a half of an avocado chopped. No dressing needed as the shrimp salad had plenty of flavor.

Remember you can easily sub in canned tuna, canned salmon, scallops, white fish. It’s an easy and versatile recipe. Enjoy!


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