Hello again

August 19, 2011

It’s been way too long since my last post… and I’m definitely feeling it. As this blog has primarily been about getting out whats going on in life, its also been about keeping myself accountable in health and fitness.I’ve stayed accountable for the most part, but haven’t quite felt as airy as I haven’t been writing things out.

The good news is I’ve completed all of my 5k training runs up to date! My last run before the race is today, and my goal is to be able to run 2.5 miles straight. Wednesday I ran 2 1/4 and it was a little tough (didn’t help that my route had some hills). I even managed to get a run in on Saturday while I was out of town 🙂 I’ll check in later tonight after this run.

Some other good news: the itching has dramatically subsided. I’m not sure if its the vitamins/supplements I’m taking, cutting out gluten/wheat (for the most part), dairy or what. I know for sure it has nothing to do with caffeine because I honestly didn’t feel a difference, other than a drastic whole body craving on Friday and Saturday. So I gave in and had a delicious iced tea on Friday night, and an iced Americano Saturday morning. Oh how I’ve missed you Peets (and Starbucks while we were away lol)!

I do know that my body reacts a certain way to alcohol… I’ve cut it out as much as I could but have enjoyed it a few times, and my stomach doesn’t completely agree with it or my skin. It seems that one glass of wine doesn’t effect me too much, but that second glass puts my stomach in a not 😦 At least I’m gathering more information and am more aware now.

One more thing I’m now aware of: I like blogging. I like writing things out, expressing myself, taking the time to find the words that best suit what I’m feeling. So I’m going to keep it up, find a schedule that best works for me, and stick to it.


Steady as she goes…

August 12, 2011

Hope everyone is having a fabulous morning!

Yesterday afternoon I embarked on the next phase of my 5k training program. I was suppose to do this the night before, but the binging left me laying on the couch all night.

I had two running intervals, 3/4 mile each with a 1/2 mile walk in between. Instead of the treadmill, I decided to run outside by my work. The fresh air, lovely San Francisco Bay scenery. Sounds nice right? Not so much. My legs felt like lead, I couldn’t quite get my breathing rhythm, and I ate way too close to the run. Also some creepy guy decided to drive 3 miles an hour as I cooled down, staring at me.  Creeper.

The good news is I completed it! yay! The bad news is that my next phase is suppose to be running 2 miles straight. I know my body, and I know how the run felt yesterday. So I’m going to do two one mile intervals and see how that goes. 9 More days until the race!

In other good news, my car has been in the shop for a week, and last night I got my baby back. You realize how much you depend on your car and value your independence, when your completely dependent on others to take you anywhere. so glad that’s over.

Morning everyone!

So last night I completed the next phase of my training (Week 5 on the training schedule, but Week 4 for me) and it was pretty awesome. Although I’ve slowed down my pace quite a bit to keep up with the longer distances, I ran the whole time. So I feel pretty good about that.

Last night’s 1/2 mile intervals flew by, mostly because I was watching Sex and the City reconnecting with the characters:  Carrie was falling for Alexander Potrovsky, Miranda and Steve got back together, Samantha had an unfortunate downstairs mix up, and Charlotte overcame a personal tragedy. God I love that show. And both of the movies. Don’t judge.

I’m thinking about adding some strength training to my training plan pretty soon, but I just realizing that I only have 12 days left before the race. 30 minutes twice a week doesn’t sound too bad, and maybe it’ll give me that “runners” edge to kick some serious ass for the race. Yeah, no. That’s wishful thinking 🙂

5K update coming Wednesday!