Well hello there 🙂 Its Friday! Yay! I’m stoked, are you stoked? The weekend is finally here and quite frankly I think I’m a little more exacited than usual because I’m slightly hyped up on caffeine….slightly. 🙂

This morning while making my usual breakfast (3 scrambled eggs w/ coconut milk, cauliflower mash (I ran out of steamed broccoli) and coconut aminos, Steven made me a pot of coffee. He makes the best coffee, hands down. I was standing there, smelling the deliciousness that twas a brewing, looked at my coconut milk, and happened to glance at my Magic Bullet and thought, “HOLY CRAP. LETS MAKE FRAPPUCCINOS!”. I think I may have yelled that actually. And right then and there, my morning got THAT much better. Here’s how I did it:

1) Take your large Magic Bullet cup thing, fill it with ice (it will melt if the coffee is piping hot like mine was). Then pour your coffee over that to the Max line. Add a wee bit of vanilla extract.

2) Blend till frothy.

3) Pour in some coconut milk and shake (with a lid on of course). And wa-la. Whole30 appropved blended coffee concoction. Or frappuccino. Whatever you want to call it. Get yourself a cool little staw like I did and enjoy.

Ok now onto some retail therapy. A few months ago Steven and I were at Big 5 browsing around and found they were having an athletic shoe sale. I’ve always been partial to Asics and Saucony’s, specifically the Gel Kayanos and Hurricanes because of how I run/walk. Apparently I’m a “Stability+”. So when I came across these super light weight Nike Flex 2012 running shoes, I was skeptical. But they were on sale for $50. My usual running shoes are three times that. I figured I try them on, walk around the store. They were surprisingly really comfy. And light. Super light. So I bought em to put them in my rotation of workout/running/training shoes. Its been a few months now, and they’ve become my favorite running shoes. And what do you know, Zappos has them on sale!

These are the ones that I have…

black nike

And these are the ones I’m getting…

pink nike

On Sale for $63.99! Helloooooooo. Plus no shipping cause Zappos is cool like that.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and have a great weekend!!