Are you hungry or thirsty?

November 9, 2012

Happy Friday!

I am in a MUCH better mood than I was earlier, good lord. Physically I feel fatigued, but mentally I feel good. I’m not starving, I don’t feel like throwing a tantrum, and I can feel myself cleansing. It’s a good feeling, and why I do this as often as I do. One thing I’ve already learned into 30 hours of cleansing: I don’t drink enough water. Like, at all. Those hunger pangs I feel all day I’m betting now are mostly dehydration signals masked as hunger. Seriously. When I’m cleansing I tend to drink WAY more fluids than I ever do. One to give me something to do, and two to keep flushing out the toxins. But earlier today I had finished my lunch and I still felt “hungry” or what I thought was hungry. So I went and made a big mug of Yogi’s DeTox tea and sipped on that for a while. Whatdoyaknow… im not hungry. And the constant drinking of fluids is becoming second nature. Mug empty? I’m running to fill it without even thinking. It helps when you have delicious decaffeinated teas on hand in your desk. (Just a reminder, one of the things that I give up during my cleanses is caffeine, even caffeine found in teas. So it’s decaffeinated all the way) Some of my favorite teas are in the Yogi family: DeTox, Kava Stress Relief, Ginger, Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life, Green Tea Kombucha, Healthy Fasting, and Peach Detox. Ok I didn’t realize how many different teas I drink, and that’s just my Yogi stash. I also LOVE Mighty Leaf (doesn’t hurt that I ship for them either), Good Earth, and Traditional Medicinals to name a few.

When I don’t feel like drinking something hot, I always have my water bottle on hand with something special inside. Mint, lemon, cucumber, frozen berries, something to make it fun. I even tried basil the other day… made me crave bruschetta…

I also keep a good stash of coconut water on hand as well. I’ve tried a few different kinds, but this one is truly the best. I find it at Mollie Stones. Its super expensive, not gonna lie. But totally worth it. Especially if you’re creating a chai cooler out of it. (Super simple, just chill the coconut water, put into your fav mason jar, add about 2 tablespoons of chia, shake and let it sit for a min, then enjoy!)

Let me know if you try any of the teas I’ve listed, or have some favorites of your own! I’m always looking for new tea varieties!


Cleansing and Loving it

August 20, 2012

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been lacking on the posts lately. Especially on the cleansing posts. I’ve been “cleansing” since Friday… and its Monday now. And it honestly hasn’t been that bad.  Having gone through something similar just a few weeks ago, I could anticipate the emotional and physical changes that were to come. I knew what delicious food I would be eating, how much sleep I would need, how I would feel during my workouts, all of it. So far nothing has come as a surprise. Except for yesterday. When I got my colonic.

This marks my third colonic thus far on this journey of health. And it’s definitely my worst yet. I’m not going to get into the gross details, but it was painful. Not just painful during, but for many hours after. Apparently colonics are the gift that keeps on giving. Keep this in mind when you schedule your next colonic. Keep the rest of your day free, your house calm, and your couch comfy. I happened to run errands after mine, and that was a mistake 😉

Just to walk you through the cleanse thus far, I’ve been following the Blessed Herb’s “Better” colon cleansing plan, which means I take 5 of their “detox” packets with water or apple juice a day. (I opted for the ginger program as that best suited the way my body functions…although it tastes like butt) Right before bed I take 2-3  “digestive stimulator” pills to help things get moving for the next day. Its a lot less stuff to take than the Arise and Shine, but much worse tasting.

I haven’t weighed myself since I started on Friday but I will tomorrow and each morning until Friday.

As for the wonderful food I’m consuming…

Chai Almond Milk and Banana smoothies —> yes, you read that correctly

Watermelon Gazpacho

Melon/Chia pudding

Pear/Apple/Parsley detoxing juice –> Seriously, she should bottle this

Pink Balloons –> This one made an appearance in the last cleanse, and is as good as ever

Huge Ass Salads

Green Goddess Soup –> This also made an appearance in the last cleanse and is by far my fav

Chia Cooler Cocktails

Home-made Raw Nori Rolls

Quinoa “cereal” with fig and walnut

It’s amazing how good you can feel just by eating delicious, nutritious, natural food. All of this in its raw state.

The cleanse will last pretty much till Friday, then its onto Hawaii with the bf and his fam.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!!

Hi Everyone!
I wanted put out a quick update as today is one week after I finished the raw/vegan cleanse.

I’m still down 7.2lbs and feeling pretty good. I’ve added in some wheat, yeast, and dairy products here and there and the biggest change I’ve noticed are small breakouts on my shoulders and face as well as an upset stomach. Pretty much right after I had a little ice cream last night, my stomach punched me in the face. So, dairy is a no go right now. I’ve also had some beer (last Friday) and as of now, I can’t tell if the yeast in the beer, or the wheat from bread (as they were consumed in the same night) caused an upset stomach and breakouts.

Its much easier for me to stay away from yeast right now. No alcohol, no gluten, etc. Wheat seems to be a little harder to avoid  (hello cupcakes), but I think I’m doing a pretty good job of it.
Here is what my diet looks like this week:

Breakfast: 1-2 hard-boiled  eggs (sprinkled with cumin) , Synnergy or watermelon/chia cooler

Lunch: Salad- romaine, carrots, celery, raw/vegan pate from QueSeRawSeRaw, 1/2 avocado, 1/3 chicken breast, lemon juice

Snacks: plums, oranges, vegan/raw macaroons, healthy fasting tea, watermelon chia cooler, carrots

Dinner: Chai Almond Milk and banana smoothie, grilled veggies and salmon, big salads

Dessert: fudgie macarrons from QueSeRawSeRaw, chocolate “cheesecake” from QueSeRawSeRaw

Its been pretty standard since Monday as I needed to use up some of the produce I had. But I received my Farm Fresh To You delivery yesterday morning and was stoked to find fresh organic lettuce and a cantaloupe!!! (as well as heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, lemon, and two plums).

I’m looking for a good tomato soup to make… trying to keep to vegan if possible Anyone have any good recipes?

Look for a new chia cooler tomorrow as well, Cantaloupe! Super excited about this one 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great day!