This weekend at my good friends Erin and Jim’s wedding, I discovered something that I haven’t quite been able to forget. The wedding had a Cuban theme throughout the cocktail hour (Erin is part Cuban) with some amazing Cuban inspired snacks and drinks. Gazpacho, Cuban sandwiches, and Plantain chips. Not banana chips, no no no. These are straight up plantain chips. Savory, crunchy, slightly salty, and ridiculously good. And I cant find them. Anywhere. Whole Foods doesn’t have them, Safeway doesn’t have them, I’ve heard Trader Joe’s has them… but mine doesn’t apparently. So I’ve resulted to Amazon. I have a couple of bags on their way. I’ve already started planning how I will consume each bag, how long it might take, and when I should plan on ordering more.


If you’re in an area where you can access fresh plantains, and have a dehydrator. PLEASE MAKE THESE. And then tell me how good they are. And then, if you really like me, send me a bag. I will give you  a virtual high five. Maybe even a fist bump.