I hope you guys had a great night and night. Tonight we celebrated my sister’s 24th birthday. Happy birthday leash! We had my dad’s famous pizza, salad with a homemade basil dressing and ice cream cake. Many presents were opened, and all in all it was a good time. 🙂

I also opened up a large “present” tonight. I received my package from Integrative Nutrition last week but didn’t have a change to open it. It’s been sitting in my room since and I decided to take a look tonight. And here is what I found:

I enrolled in the program a couple of weeks ago, totally excited to learn about my favorite thing: nutrition. If you haven’t heard of Integrative Nutrition, check it out here.

The package was full of amazing goodies, starting with my fully loaded ipod, aluminum water bottle, and scented heart :

Followed by two awesome healthy cooking and healthy shopping DVD’s

My own Integrative nutrition Journal (which I’ll get into more later), the Integrative Nutrition book by Joshua Rosenthal, the founder if IIN.

And finally, my fast track workbook and and a book of Case Histories:

I have some “fundamental” modules that I need to get started on to prep before I start the curriculum. Kind of like summer reading before school starts. God I hated that. I read Moby Dick the summer going into my senior year. I had a choice, and I chose Moby Dick. What the hell was I thinking?