Thank god for day 5

April 18, 2013

Well hi 🙂 It’s day five of this wonderful cleanse. Clearly, as you can tell by my chipper mood, I woke up much happier today. Today for the first time in a long time, I woke up with some energy. Mentally and physically I was ready to get up when my alarm went off. And it felt good.Real good. Just to get the day going, pack up my food for the day, take my time getting ready, and spending a few extra minutes with the pups. The mornings are always fun with Harley and Kodi. We have a routine that they seem to enjoy: Let them out of their crates, eat, go to the bathroom outside, run around outside (if they’re feeling spunky), and chillin on their perches. They’ve become the official guard dogs of the neighborhood. As you can see here:




Today is my last day of all liquids, which makes for a total of three liquid only days. Considering I’ve been dreaming of steak, take out chinese food, and shredded chicken, I’m ready to start noshing on some goods. On today’s menu, I have another amazing chia/banana/coconut milk smoothie for breakfast, carrot/pineapple smoothie that I ate earlier, pear/parsley/cucumber juice for snack, green soup w/ avocado for dinner, a green juice concoction, and a vege broth that I’m having a really hard time not chugging. Plus remember I take the digestive stimulator packs with apple juice or grapefruit juice 5 times a day. It’s a lot of liquid, I’m peeing all the time. But I feel good today. I’m really looking forward to my workout, and to get my sweat on. I haven’t worked out since Monday so it’s on tonight.

More updates to come tomorrow!


Help me I’m hungry…

August 21, 2012

I’m hungry today. Like, really hungry. I miss chewing food.

Today is the third day of juicing. A day in which I thought I could handle…but am slowing realizing this is going to be a battle. The last two days have been mostly liquid only days (except for a couple bites of cashews…and quinoa…and salad…mmm, salad. I miss salad) I’ve been consuming mostly green juices full of fruit and veggies, some pureed soups, and chia coolers.

This morning started off with Sasha’s version of Deja Vu’s Morning Glory- carrot, beet, orange, apple, lemon-  (my fav!) and it was good.
Even though it tasted good, mentally I wasn’t having it. I tried drinking it straight from the jar. Didn’t like that. So I got a neato neon green straw, to keep things interesting. Didn’t like that either. It took me over an hour to drink a little 16oz juice, which I love…. its like my body threw a little tantrum. I think I even stomped my foot once.

So now I’m at work, writing this post, waiting for 10:30 to come, so I can drink my next Blessed Herb’s packet and move on to my next juice. The good news is that its a good one. A couple of good ones. Left over pink balloons from yesterday, and left over Pear/Apple/Parsley juice. Basically a party in my mouth

I hope you’re all having a great day… and if you’re eating a salad right now… I envy you 🙂