A Much Needed Cleanse Update

November 13, 2012

-Well hi! Today is officially day 6 of this beast of a cleanse and I’m finally out of my rut and ready to write a blog post. Here’s the latest happs:

-On the last two cleanses I did, days 3 and 4 were the hardest emotionally and physically. On this cleanse it was days 4 and 5. Pure and total exhaustion, limitless hunger, and just all around irritability. Blah

– I’ve prepared and made more food in the last 6 days than I have in the last 6 weeks. Ok that might be an exaggeration, but I’ve been cooking a lot. Well not really cooking, besides some soups and mashed cauliflower. More like “putting together” a bunch of raw food recipes that I’ve absolutely loved, tweaked, and made my own. I of course didn’t take pictures of anything I made (mostly because my brain was on overload from cooking and in a state of mush from cleansing) but here’s a list of some of the goods ive been enjoying:

– Raw Mango chutney (so good and spicy!)

– Raw Mock Tuna Salad (really good but WAY too much garlic, gotta adjust this one next time)

– Steamed Cauliflower mash (basically like mashed potatoes but with cauliflower and a little ghee)

– Tomato Basil Soup

– Steamed Broccoli

– Pureed Celery Soup

– Green smoothies up the wazoo

-Watermelon and Mint chia Cooler

-Lemon and Parsley tonic: add a little turmeric and cayenne, awesome liver cleanse.

Things of that nature.

Sleep has been a huge factor in this cleanse as well. I’ve been very tired, needing at least 8 hours every night. I adjusted my workout routine as well to not over-exhaust myself, but I’m feeling totally back up to working out again, so boot camp here I come!

Also- another side note: I am straight up in love with Duck Dynasty. If you haven’t seen this show, you must check it out now. Wednesdays at 10pm on A&E. seriously. Its life changing. (in a redneck sort of way)

That is all for now… as tomorrow is the last day of the cleanse, I am planning to post the plan for after the cleanse, because this time I actually have one.

Hope you’re all having a great Tuesday, its beautiful out here in the Bay Area 🙂


Creating my Cleanse

November 5, 2012

So lately I haven’t been living a life that I’m the most proud of. I’ve had nights full of binging, eating instead of working out, staying up way later than I should, etc. Putting work, family, friends, my dogs before my health. Making up every excuse in the world to not eat healthy, to not workout, and to not take care of myself. And of course, as all things do, its reached a pivotal point… where I can continue on this road and ignore the feelings in my gut and heart, or make a drastic change to re-align with my true self.

I know this may all sound trite and easy to fix. But for some people (like myself) its been a lifelong battle. Going through stages of keeping up a schedule for workouts, eating clean, fighting the temptations and cravings. And then fall off that bandwagon and have complete disregard for my diet, give in to most cravings, make other things a priority over my workouts. Its two opposite lifestyles that I’ve been living my whole life. And I’m tired of it. Really tired of it.

I read fitness and health blogs on a daily basis. I read about people who live paleo, raw, vegan, who’ve once struggled with their weight and now live a healthy lifestyle. And every day I think how the hell do they do it? I’ve done it, for a short period of time. I’ve even had long term success. But how do these people actually make this their lifestyle? Dedication? Determination? Sheer power of will?

Whatever it is, it all beings with the first step. My first step is a plan. I know I’ve done this before and talked about it before, but I love cleanses. They’re mentally tough, physically challenging, and they work. I’ve had success in the past on a cleanse. What I didn’t succeed with was the 8th day. The day after the cleanse. How do I eat? How do I go forward and keep up with these amazing changes?

What I’ve realized is that it takes longer than seven days to break a habit and longer than seven days to change hard wired behaviors. And it’s not something to beat myself up over. It just is. So this time around, since I’m a planner, I’m planning this cleanse out for the next 30 days. I figure, 30 days is a good amount of time to cleanse my body, my mind, break some old habits, create some new habits, and make it a lifestyle. Obviously the goal is to continue this after the end of the 30 days, but my hope is that by then I would have to plan out the next 30 days. Maybe a week by week plan? Something that keeps me on track but not obsessive.

This blog helped me stay accountable during my last two cleanses. So I will continue blogging through this process as well. My plan for this week is to get my research done today and tomorrow on what I’m going to eat during the 7 day raw/vegan cleanse. Today and tomorrow I will be grocery shopping and prepping what I can so that I can start on Thursday. I will also be using the Arise and Shine Cleanse 7 products during the first 7 days. Once this cleanse is over I will be following the Whole 30 program, which will add in protein and cooked foods. There will be an easing in process that I have yet to determine, but this is the general idea.

I appreciate you all who have continued to read this blog and support me through every journey I go on. Stay tuned for more updates!

Help me I’m hungry…

August 21, 2012

I’m hungry today. Like, really hungry. I miss chewing food.

Today is the third day of juicing. A day in which I thought I could handle…but am slowing realizing this is going to be a battle. The last two days have been mostly liquid only days (except for a couple bites of cashews…and quinoa…and salad…mmm, salad. I miss salad) I’ve been consuming mostly green juices full of fruit and veggies, some pureed soups, and chia coolers.

This morning started off with Sasha’s version of Deja Vu’s Morning Glory- carrot, beet, orange, apple, lemon-  (my fav!) and it was good.
Even though it tasted good, mentally I wasn’t having it. I tried drinking it straight from the jar. Didn’t like that. So I got a neato neon green straw, to keep things interesting. Didn’t like that either. It took me over an hour to drink a little 16oz juice, which I love…. its like my body threw a little tantrum. I think I even stomped my foot once.

So now I’m at work, writing this post, waiting for 10:30 to come, so I can drink my next Blessed Herb’s packet and move on to my next juice. The good news is that its a good one. A couple of good ones. Left over pink balloons from yesterday, and left over Pear/Apple/Parsley juice. Basically a party in my mouth

I hope you’re all having a great day… and if you’re eating a salad right now… I envy you 🙂

Cleansing and Loving it

August 20, 2012

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been lacking on the posts lately. Especially on the cleansing posts. I’ve been “cleansing” since Friday… and its Monday now. And it honestly hasn’t been that bad.  Having gone through something similar just a few weeks ago, I could anticipate the emotional and physical changes that were to come. I knew what delicious food I would be eating, how much sleep I would need, how I would feel during my workouts, all of it. So far nothing has come as a surprise. Except for yesterday. When I got my colonic.

This marks my third colonic thus far on this journey of health. And it’s definitely my worst yet. I’m not going to get into the gross details, but it was painful. Not just painful during, but for many hours after. Apparently colonics are the gift that keeps on giving. Keep this in mind when you schedule your next colonic. Keep the rest of your day free, your house calm, and your couch comfy. I happened to run errands after mine, and that was a mistake 😉

Just to walk you through the cleanse thus far, I’ve been following the Blessed Herb’s “Better” colon cleansing plan, which means I take 5 of their “detox” packets with water or apple juice a day. (I opted for the ginger program as that best suited the way my body functions…although it tastes like butt) Right before bed I take 2-3  “digestive stimulator” pills to help things get moving for the next day. Its a lot less stuff to take than the Arise and Shine, but much worse tasting.

I haven’t weighed myself since I started on Friday but I will tomorrow and each morning until Friday.

As for the wonderful food I’m consuming…

Chai Almond Milk and Banana smoothies —> yes, you read that correctly

Watermelon Gazpacho

Melon/Chia pudding

Pear/Apple/Parsley detoxing juice –> Seriously, she should bottle this

Pink Balloons –> This one made an appearance in the last cleanse, and is as good as ever

Huge Ass Salads

Green Goddess Soup –> This also made an appearance in the last cleanse and is by far my fav

Chia Cooler Cocktails

Home-made Raw Nori Rolls

Quinoa “cereal” with fig and walnut

It’s amazing how good you can feel just by eating delicious, nutritious, natural food. All of this in its raw state.

The cleanse will last pretty much till Friday, then its onto Hawaii with the bf and his fam.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!!

So in the midst of my non blogging, I’ve been dealing with a slight injury and bad diet. Last week I was pushing through my stadium workout and slipped on a stair. I managed to jam my leg up into my pelvic wall, pulling my groin and twisting my knee. The frustration from the injury has propelled me to fall back into my emotional eating binges of chocolate chips and ice cream, and I feel like crap.  So, I called Sasha. Time for another cleanse.

This “cleanse” were doing is different from the previous one just a few weeks ago. I’m calling it more of a detox, more of a diet overhaul, and a “can i get my shit together please” type of diet. I felt so good after completing the last cleanse. The raw food fueled my body, cleansed my system. I wasn’t bloated, my hair was shiny, and I was sleeping like a baby every night. So why and how did I fall off the wagon? Its pretty simple actually: birthday cake, pasta, wine, and ice cream. My body wasn’t ready for me to reintroduce these things back to it. It’s like an addiction really, just one taste and I wanted the whole pint of ice cream.

So here’s the new plan. This time around Sasha and I agreed to incorporate more solid foods as well as 3 juice days instead of one.  For example, this morning’s breakfast consisted of a delicious red quinoa “cereal” with fig and walnut spread. It was so good and super filling.  Lunch is her infamous carrot and ginger soup, mineral broth to drink throughout the day, and home made nori rolls that she put together. Those I will have to take pictures of and send to you all. Cause its insane. She’s amazing.

The herbs and supplements are also different this time. Last cleanse I incorporated the Arise and Shine Cleanse 7 pack to assist with the detoxing and cleansing. This time around I’m using Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse. Sasha heard amazing things about the Blessed Herb’s program, so we thought I’d give it a try.  I’ll take pictures of that as well when it comes in. (Just a side note, I paid for 2 day AIR on UPS for these things to get here yesterday… yesterday they were in South Carolina. I’M IN SHIPPING. I know how 2 day air works, and UPS- YOU FAILED. Idiots)

Like last time I weighed myself this morning and took a good look at myself in the mirror. I’m hoping for a little bit of weight loss, clearer skin, and less bloating. That would be ideal. Oh and also to get rid of my constant craving for frozen dark chocolate chips.

So I will keep you all informed, document this journey, and see where we end up next week. Next Saturday I will be on a plane, with my love, on our way to Hawaii. Not a bad thing to look forward to huh? 🙂

Aaaand I’m broke

August 7, 2012

So the boy and I ran some errands the other day to prep my meals for the week so we took a trip to the Whole Foods. I’ve done some minor shopping at the WF, grabbing a few items here and there, a Kombucha, bar of soap, occasional bottle of wine, etc. But I’ve never done my major grocery shopping there. Until that day. The day Whole Foods drained my bank account.

You might be wondering what all I bought and how much I spent. I bought a ton of food. 90% produce, 5% bulk items, and 5% cool stuff (ie THIS neato bag!!) –> Two awesome things about this bag: #1, its purple. #2, it keeps my goods cold. Love it!

(Did you notice how I totally distracted you from how much I spent…. I’m gonna do it again!!!)
Anyway, I came to Whole Foods prepared with a list of a thousand produce items, with the intention of making a few recipes I found in these cookbooks:

(Raw Food Real World by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis and RAWvolution by Matt Amsden)

Here is what the menu looked like:

Grilled Salmon–> the easiest most delicious, and versatile salmon you’ll ever make!

Jasmine Rice–> w/ a vege boullion for added flavor!

(Raw) Mango Chutney

(Raw) Corn and Tomato Salad

Green Beans –> boiled in vege broth, lightly salted

And here is the final product!

My plate!

The boy’s dinner!

Turned out pretty darn good, AND I have food for the week (and hopefully the next two weeks…) Btw- white plates make your food look (and some how taste) so much better. I highly recommend getting a set, especially if you like to entertain. Looks pretty fancy huh? I got mine at Khols, Food Network baby.

Oh and I spent $250 at the WF. Toodles!!

Deja Vu

August 2, 2012

So,  I don’t have a juicer. I barely have a blender (Sorry Ninja you are not as good as a Vitamix…or a Blendtec. But thanks for trying). So, when I’m craving a fresh organic juice, I either call up Sasha, or I head to this place. Deja Vu. An adorable little cafe in the heart of Burlingame, serving organic juices, coffee’s, smoothies, and sandwiches.  I haven’t yet tried anything outside of their juices, so this post is only related to their Juice menu, which you can see here:

( I made this extra big so you guys could see the awesome blends!)

Usually I get the Morning Glory- an incredible blend of carrot, beet, lemon, apples, organges. Its sweet and tart at the same time, and oh so good. This morning I was feeling like I needed a little green in my diet.  It might be caused from the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake I had at the Cheesecake Factory last night….maybe….

So I decided to give the Dr. Oz a whirl- Apple, Kale (green!), cucumber (green and hydrating!), lemon (good for cleansing), lime, ginger (yum!), spinach (hello iron!) and parsley (SO GOOD FOR CLEANSING!!!!).  And because I was feeling rather sluggish, I got the 24oz, instead of the 16 oz.

(figured I’d stick with the large pictures for today… I apologize for the close up of my thumb…which is in need of a serious manicure…)

And it was good. Real good. Plus I got a neato orange straw.
So if you’re in the Burlingame area and want a little pick me up, try Deja Vu out. You’ll love how fast and easy it is to get a super fresh organic juice. PLUS!! Groupon is having a MAJOR deal right now… $17 for Five Organic-Juice Drinks (Up to a $34.95 Value), basically 5 drinks, half off. Its incredible. I bought it, and so should you. In fact you can buy it HERE!