Morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was insanely productive, in case you were wondering. I was on call this weekend for work (I’m in logistics), working every 6 hours for one of my clients. Crazy huh? In between work, I got in 2 great workouts Saturday and Sunday (thanks to my awesome and creative trainer Ami), ate some delicious food (which I will go over shortly), washed all 3 of our cars,  and made some highly anticipated purchases for my home: BBQ, rug for my dining room, dining room table & chairs, walk way lights for my front yard, and a full length mirror for our bedroom. Like I  said, highly productive.

Ok so let’s get back to the Cleanse. I’m done! =) Saturday was my last day and it was full of delicious goods (I just spelled delicious, delishishous… first blonde moment of the day). Sasha prepared paleo banana waffles and mango/strawberry compote for my breakfast saturday. I ended up eating one waffle before my workout and the other after. Lunch was 3 tuna cakes and roasted kale (I ended up only eating 2 and saving the third for dinner). Dinner was a huge ass salad, 1 tuna cake, and avocado. Really good.

I weighed myself Sunday morning, and lost about 3.4lbs total. Not my biggest weight loss, but definitely a start on my weight loss journey. All of the other benefits completely trump the weight loss anyway. My acne is gone, and what I had before the cleanse is healing. My sugar cravings are virtually gone (the emotional ones I’m still dealing with as they come), I am energized/awake/alert, happier!, my hair is thick and manageable. My outlook on food is slowly changing. I’m seeing more of what I eat as fuel and nourishment instead of just stuffing my face. I’m trying to deal with my emotions as they come, instead of turning to food for comfort. My quality of sleep has improved (this weekend doesn’t count with the whole being on call thing). All and all good changes.

I decided that I would follow the Whole30 plan once I finished this cleanse to continue the reset and see how my body would do on a mostly protein/veggie/fruit/healthy fat diet. I started promptly Sunday morning with an egg, pork sausage and broccoli scramble. (one egg, 2 small links, about 1 cup broccoli). This was my pre-workout fuel and breakfast and it worked great. No bloating, didn’t feel like I was going to puke during my workout, and gave me the energy I needed. For lunch we stopped at the Whole Foods and grabbed some goods. I had steamed and sautéed veggies and some pork verde (all natural whole30 approved). I ended up only eating half of my portion, and ate the other half about 3 hours later. For dinner, I wanted to make something delicious out of Well Fed (my staple for the next month). So Steven and I had grilled Salmon (mine in coconut oil), sautéed green beans, and I added cauliflower mash because it’s just so comforting and good. We were both totally satisfied. Of course we sat there reminiscing about Reeses for about 5 minutes, trying to convince ourselves that in fact they are good for us. Peanut butter? Gooood. Dark Chocolate? Goooood. LoL. Only in our dreams…

Tonight were off to the Gigantes game to watch them pummel the D-backs. I just realized that every time I do a cleanse, I go to a Giants game lol. I’m not on my cleanse, but I am bringing my own food again. Leftover cauliflower mash, green beans, and grilled salmon. Plus were taking the train… and usually Coors Lite accompanies us on our journey. It’s gonna be a test, but the end game is totally worth it.

Hope you all have a great rest of your day, enjoy this heat and GO GIANTS!!!