Making a lifestyle change is hard. We all know that. It requires patience, time, forgiveness, and support. Everyone has “bad” days or “good” days, successes and fails. But we have to remember that because it’s a lifestyle were learning to embrace, you really can’t make mistakes It’s all just part of it. But to help me get through those tough days I have a lot of support. Friends and family of course are there to help. A few of my friends are doing the Whole30/Whole9 as well (Hi Sash and Rach!)  But when I’m lacking motivation or creativity to make something delicious and my kinda healthy, I turn to the many blogs that I read, follow, and obsess over. Blogs like:

The Clothing Makes the Girl (Melissa Joulwan, my hero and whole30 go-to chef)

Whole9Life (Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. The two that wrote It Starts With Food and inspired me to embark on this journey)

Nourishing Days (for beautiful paleo recipes)

PaleoOMG (for straight up entertainment and delicious paleo recipes. I heart you Juli)

NomNomPaleo (for more delicious Paleo and Whole30 recipes)

Having all these resources available help make this fun every day. Talking with friends about recipes we’ve tried, what worked, what didn’t. Trying new spices, marinades. Food is beautiful again.  Something that I truly enjoy from start to finish. I don’t dread going to the store anymore. I look forward to checking out the new and in season produce, to finding coconut flour in bulk on amazon, going to Costco and buying two dozen eggs at a time (and only lasting a week btw).  I don’t look at food as the enemy (or as my savior) anymore. Its food, its fuel, its delicious, and it feeds my body and mind.


Thank god for day 5

April 18, 2013

Well hi 🙂 It’s day five of this wonderful cleanse. Clearly, as you can tell by my chipper mood, I woke up much happier today. Today for the first time in a long time, I woke up with some energy. Mentally and physically I was ready to get up when my alarm went off. And it felt good.Real good. Just to get the day going, pack up my food for the day, take my time getting ready, and spending a few extra minutes with the pups. The mornings are always fun with Harley and Kodi. We have a routine that they seem to enjoy: Let them out of their crates, eat, go to the bathroom outside, run around outside (if they’re feeling spunky), and chillin on their perches. They’ve become the official guard dogs of the neighborhood. As you can see here:




Today is my last day of all liquids, which makes for a total of three liquid only days. Considering I’ve been dreaming of steak, take out chinese food, and shredded chicken, I’m ready to start noshing on some goods. On today’s menu, I have another amazing chia/banana/coconut milk smoothie for breakfast, carrot/pineapple smoothie that I ate earlier, pear/parsley/cucumber juice for snack, green soup w/ avocado for dinner, a green juice concoction, and a vege broth that I’m having a really hard time not chugging. Plus remember I take the digestive stimulator packs with apple juice or grapefruit juice 5 times a day. It’s a lot of liquid, I’m peeing all the time. But I feel good today. I’m really looking forward to my workout, and to get my sweat on. I haven’t worked out since Monday so it’s on tonight.

More updates to come tomorrow!

Welp, today is day three of the cleanse and I woke up feeling very tired today. Like a whole body and mind exhaustion. My bed was more comfortable than it’s ever been, and cuddling with Steven seemed way better than going to work. So after an extra hour of cuddle time (with the pups as well I might add) I got up and got ready for the day.

This morning I woke up pretty hungry, so I made my grapefruit juice/apple cider vinegar blend and mixed it with my Blessed Herbs “digestive stimulator” packet. With this cleanse, I’m adding to the cleaning of the colon with the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing kit. I’ve done this one before, and although it works great, it tastes like butt. The powder pretty much makes me gag every time I do it (5 times a day). But this time around Sasha came up with some good mixers that fit in with the cleanse, but make the digestive stilumator a wee bit tolerable. One of which is the grapefruit/apple cider vinegar blend. You may have seen this on pinterest floating around. It’s being referred to as a metabolism booster, recommended by Dr. Oz. And from what I can tell, Dr Oz. is like Oprah- people do what he says. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to my parents house and my mom has a little note pad of Dr. Oz tips that she wants to make sure she shares with me.  Anywho- the second mix in is organic apple juice. I’m not a huge apple juice fan, but this does cut the awful taste of the powder, so I’m down.  I actually took a picture this morning of what I pack when I go to work. So here are my little jars of apple juice and the metabolism booster:

IMG_20130416_104052_867Apple juice on the left, grapefruit on the right.

And now todays feast! (Minus my dinner)


Yes you are reading that correctly: Morning Sex Smoothie (breakfast) and Silky Smooth Curry Cauliflower Soup (my favorite).  When I went to pick up my goods for today, Sasha goes, “the breakfast smoothie I made you… ohmygod, its so good. It’s so good, this was the only appropriate name for it” LoL. Yes indeed. It is delicious and filling! Thank god because I’m hungry today. Lunch is the cauliflower soup, which is seriously one of my favorite foods Sasha makes. I can’t seem to make it as good, so this is really a treat.

With the cleanse, day three is usually one of the hardest days physically and emotionally. I am 100% feeling the physical strain right now as I sit here typing this and trying to keep my eyes open. The emotional stuff may come out later tonight, or tomorrow. And usually with that comes crying, irritability, possibly some tantrums, and then a nice warm bath to make it all better.

A few of my friends have asked me about my caloric intake and my workout schedule. I’ve done two cleanses before while keeping up with my workout routine, and it was tough. This time around we’re incorporating bone broths into the soups and separate for me to sip on during the day. Although I’m not eating protein right now, I’m getting so many of the nutrients that my body is craving in order to sustain my workouts. Last night’s workout was tough, and I could feel my stamina dwindling near the end. But tonight will be the ultimate test. I’ve planned our my meals so that I have my soup (made with chicken broth) around 4:00, and 1/2 of a jar of chicken broth while on my way to boot camp. Then the rest of the chicken broth after boot camp, and another soup for dinner. Then a relaxing bath and early to bed for me.

I hope you’re all having an awesome day. Quick shout out to my cousin Tina- Happy birthday!!!!! And to all my friends who’ve gotten engaged in the last week (seriously like 6 of you), congratulations 🙂

oh hi, remember me? :)

April 15, 2013

**Prayers and thoughts for everyone in Boston, and those that were at the Boston Marathon during the explosions**

Well hi 🙂 Its been a stupidly long time since I last posted. I realized that my last post was about me finishing up a cleanse, and starting to eat a more paleo type diet. I’m pretty sure I didn’t post because I didn’t follow through with that. It probably lasted a few days, and then I had a bite of Safeway cake, and then possibly a piece of Safeway cake, and then all bets were off. So fast forward 5 months, and 8 pounds later, here I am again trying to gain control of my eating habits. And its sooooo hard. It’s the one thing in my life that I struggle with the most. And I know why. It’s sad to admit, but food has been the one steady good in my life. Food is always good. Cake is good. Wine is good. My moms chocolate carmel cake is pretty much the best thing ever. And it makes me feel good…. for a little while. And then comes the guilt, and the voices telling me I’m fat, etc which usually causes me to eat more.

So how do I break that cycle? Obviously the first part is recognizing it and having the balls to admit it. So now that that’s out-of-the-way, I’m looking at things that have worked for me in the past. What has worked (even temporarily) to help me have a healthier relationship with food? support from my friends and family, a diet “coach”, someone preparing the foods for me, cleansing, writing down what I eat…

And that brings me to where I am now. Day 2 of another detox cleanse, the beginning of a six-week weight loss challenge, and the start of a lasting change. This cleanse is not like the other cleanses I’ve done in the past, where I eat all raw/vegan foods. This is more like a prerequisite to a lifestyle I’d like to live out of eating mostly protein, veggies, fruits, and healthy fats. So I’m eating big salads with avocado, chia pudding for breakfast, jicima snacks, roasted vegetable soup. Its delicious.  With that, I’m eliminating sugars, grains, dairy, alcohol, and  legumes. Sounds intense, but there is a science behind it. It’s called the Whole30 plan, and you should check it out. The book It Starts with Food gets all sciency on you about why these foods actually hurt your body. Especially for those that workout regularly. It’s interesting and worth a read. You may even want to try it out after you read it. Its profound stuff.

Now back to my cleanse. If you’ve read past posts, you know that I have an amazing friend Sasha that creates and guides me through my cleanses. I asked her last week if we could do another one, to jumpstart the detoxing from sugar and all the crap I’ve been eating lately. And so, I’ve been eating delicious and beautiful foods that she’s been creating. Big salads with avocado, jicima, and arugula; roasted vegetable soups, and lots and lots of water. I’ll post some pictures as we go forward so you can all see the beauty, but for now you should check out her blog. Sasha is documenting how she creates these cleanses, the pricing (because most people think its super expensive), and her delicious creations.

So I also mentioned a 6 week weight loss challenge…. my trainer Ami decided  (after a lot of us were complaining about our weights) to create a weight loss challenge. Theres about 20 of us participating, a huge grand prize at the end ($500 to be exact) plus other prizes. Ami created workouts for us, workout schedules, meal plans, nutrition tips. It’s really awesome and so much fun to participate with everyone. Although it’s a competition, were all on the same team, rooting each other on. It’s gonna be fun. Oh and the Stevenator is participating too.

So I’m all weighed in, on day 2 of the cleanse, looking forward to my workout tonight. Check out Sasha’s blog to see what really goes in to creating a cleanse. It’s so interesting and she makes it do-able for everyone.

Until then, peace out home skillets.

Cleansing and Loving it

August 20, 2012

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been lacking on the posts lately. Especially on the cleansing posts. I’ve been “cleansing” since Friday… and its Monday now. And it honestly hasn’t been that bad.  Having gone through something similar just a few weeks ago, I could anticipate the emotional and physical changes that were to come. I knew what delicious food I would be eating, how much sleep I would need, how I would feel during my workouts, all of it. So far nothing has come as a surprise. Except for yesterday. When I got my colonic.

This marks my third colonic thus far on this journey of health. And it’s definitely my worst yet. I’m not going to get into the gross details, but it was painful. Not just painful during, but for many hours after. Apparently colonics are the gift that keeps on giving. Keep this in mind when you schedule your next colonic. Keep the rest of your day free, your house calm, and your couch comfy. I happened to run errands after mine, and that was a mistake 😉

Just to walk you through the cleanse thus far, I’ve been following the Blessed Herb’s “Better” colon cleansing plan, which means I take 5 of their “detox” packets with water or apple juice a day. (I opted for the ginger program as that best suited the way my body functions…although it tastes like butt) Right before bed I take 2-3  “digestive stimulator” pills to help things get moving for the next day. Its a lot less stuff to take than the Arise and Shine, but much worse tasting.

I haven’t weighed myself since I started on Friday but I will tomorrow and each morning until Friday.

As for the wonderful food I’m consuming…

Chai Almond Milk and Banana smoothies —> yes, you read that correctly

Watermelon Gazpacho

Melon/Chia pudding

Pear/Apple/Parsley detoxing juice –> Seriously, she should bottle this

Pink Balloons –> This one made an appearance in the last cleanse, and is as good as ever

Huge Ass Salads

Green Goddess Soup –> This also made an appearance in the last cleanse and is by far my fav

Chia Cooler Cocktails

Home-made Raw Nori Rolls

Quinoa “cereal” with fig and walnut

It’s amazing how good you can feel just by eating delicious, nutritious, natural food. All of this in its raw state.

The cleanse will last pretty much till Friday, then its onto Hawaii with the bf and his fam.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!!

So in the midst of my non blogging, I’ve been dealing with a slight injury and bad diet. Last week I was pushing through my stadium workout and slipped on a stair. I managed to jam my leg up into my pelvic wall, pulling my groin and twisting my knee. The frustration from the injury has propelled me to fall back into my emotional eating binges of chocolate chips and ice cream, and I feel like crap.  So, I called Sasha. Time for another cleanse.

This “cleanse” were doing is different from the previous one just a few weeks ago. I’m calling it more of a detox, more of a diet overhaul, and a “can i get my shit together please” type of diet. I felt so good after completing the last cleanse. The raw food fueled my body, cleansed my system. I wasn’t bloated, my hair was shiny, and I was sleeping like a baby every night. So why and how did I fall off the wagon? Its pretty simple actually: birthday cake, pasta, wine, and ice cream. My body wasn’t ready for me to reintroduce these things back to it. It’s like an addiction really, just one taste and I wanted the whole pint of ice cream.

So here’s the new plan. This time around Sasha and I agreed to incorporate more solid foods as well as 3 juice days instead of one.  For example, this morning’s breakfast consisted of a delicious red quinoa “cereal” with fig and walnut spread. It was so good and super filling.  Lunch is her infamous carrot and ginger soup, mineral broth to drink throughout the day, and home made nori rolls that she put together. Those I will have to take pictures of and send to you all. Cause its insane. She’s amazing.

The herbs and supplements are also different this time. Last cleanse I incorporated the Arise and Shine Cleanse 7 pack to assist with the detoxing and cleansing. This time around I’m using Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse. Sasha heard amazing things about the Blessed Herb’s program, so we thought I’d give it a try.  I’ll take pictures of that as well when it comes in. (Just a side note, I paid for 2 day AIR on UPS for these things to get here yesterday… yesterday they were in South Carolina. I’M IN SHIPPING. I know how 2 day air works, and UPS- YOU FAILED. Idiots)

Like last time I weighed myself this morning and took a good look at myself in the mirror. I’m hoping for a little bit of weight loss, clearer skin, and less bloating. That would be ideal. Oh and also to get rid of my constant craving for frozen dark chocolate chips.

So I will keep you all informed, document this journey, and see where we end up next week. Next Saturday I will be on a plane, with my love, on our way to Hawaii. Not a bad thing to look forward to huh? 🙂

Typically my Friday nights consist of the following:

1) Taking my pups for an awesome hike at Fort Funston

2) Getting into my sweats

3) Sometimes cleaning my house: mopping, vacuuming, dusting (you would not believe how dirty my house is with these two boogers) –> NOT TONIGHT THO, weeeeeeeeee!

the dog wouldnt stop chewing on his bone, hence the blurry pic

Harley is much better at taking pictures 🙂

4) Take out or a home made meal, eaten with the bf, while watching SOA, Fast N’ Loud, American Guns, Deadliest Catch… you catch my drift.

Friday nights are chill. Its my time to unwind after the weak, spend some time with the people (and animals) I love, and relax.

Tonight the bf is on his way up to Clear Lake for a camping trip. I’m staying home to attend one of my oldest friends wedding tomorrow. So, since it’s just me and the frogs, I thought I’d make myself a nice little dinner.

Sasha sent out two emails this week with some incredible meal ideas. And after seeing her and her husband tonight for a getting ripped sesh, I was inspired to cook. So I thought I’d combine these two ideas: Heirloom Tomato Salad  by 101 Cookbooks, and Dinner Made Simple by the lovely Sasha Korellis.

Here’s what I had on hand:

4 heirloom tomatoes

Red Quinoa (thanks to Sasha)

Frozen chicken breasts

Fresh red leaf lettuce

Vegetable bouillon

From Sasha’s dinner ideas, I cooked the red quinoa in the vege bouillon and poached the chicken in vege bouillon. Easy peasy.  Because I was hungry, and didn’t want to wait 60 minutes for the tomatoes, I cut them into big chunks, tossed with olive oil and salt, and baked them at 400 instead of 350 for about 25 minutes. They weren’t totally roasted, but damn did they taste good.

So here is what I built in my bowl:

3/4 or so cup of quinoa

3 leaves chopped (of red leaf lettuce)

1/2 chicken breast chopped

half of the roasted tomatoes

Dried basil (fresh would have been better, but I have yet to learn to have fresh herbs on hand)

And here is what it looked like:

Isnt’ super pretty, but you get the gist

I’m off to enjoy the rest of my night and get to bed early…. Tomorrow is going to be a long day and I have a track workout waiting for me 🙂 Nite everyone!