oh hi, remember me? :)

April 15, 2013

**Prayers and thoughts for everyone in Boston, and those that were at the Boston Marathon during the explosions**

Well hi ūüôā Its been a stupidly long time since I last posted. I realized that my last post was about me finishing up a cleanse, and starting to eat a more paleo¬†type diet. I’m pretty sure I didn’t post because¬†I didn’t follow through with that. It probably lasted a few days, and then I had a bite of Safeway cake, and then possibly a piece of Safeway cake, and then all bets were off. So fast forward 5 months, and 8 pounds later, here I am again trying to gain control of my eating habits. And its sooooo hard. It’s the¬†one thing in my life that I struggle with the most. And I know why.¬†It’s sad to¬†admit, but food¬†has been¬†the one steady good in my life. Food is always good. Cake is good. Wine is good. My moms chocolate carmel cake is pretty much the best thing ever. And it makes me feel good…. for a little while. And then comes the guilt, and the voices telling me I’m fat, etc which usually causes me to eat more.

So how do I break that cycle? Obviously the first part is recognizing it and having the balls to admit it. So now that that’s out-of-the-way, I’m looking at things that have worked for me in the past. What has worked (even temporarily) to help me have a healthier relationship with food? support¬†from my friends and family, a diet “coach”, someone preparing the foods for me, cleansing, writing down what I eat…

And that brings me to where I am now. Day 2 of another detox cleanse, the beginning of a six-week¬†weight loss challenge, and the start of a lasting change. This cleanse is not like the other cleanses I’ve done in the past, where I eat all raw/vegan foods. This is more like a prerequisite¬†to a lifestyle I’d like to live out of eating mostly protein, veggies, fruits, and healthy fats. So I’m eating big salads with avocado, chia¬†pudding for breakfast, jicima snacks, roasted¬†vegetable soup.¬†Its delicious.¬†¬†With that, I’m eliminating sugars, grains, dairy, alcohol, and ¬†legumes. Sounds intense, but there is a science behind it. It’s called the Whole30 plan, and you should check it out. The book It Starts with Food gets all sciency on you about why these foods actually hurt your body. Especially for those that workout regularly. It’s interesting and worth a read. You may even want to try it out after you read it. Its profound stuff.

Now back to my cleanse. If you’ve read past posts, you know that I have an amazing friend Sasha that creates and guides me through my cleanses. I asked her last week if we could do another one, to jumpstart the detoxing¬†from sugar and all the crap I’ve been eating lately. And so, I’ve been eating delicious and beautiful foods that she’s¬†been creating. Big salads with avocado, jicima, and arugula; roasted vegetable soups, and lots and lots of water. I’ll post some pictures as we go forward so you can all see the beauty, but for now you should check out her blog. Sasha is documenting how she creates these cleanses, the pricing (because most people think its super expensive), and her delicious creations.

So I also mentioned a 6 week weight loss challenge…. my trainer Ami¬†decided¬† (after a lot of us were complaining about our weights) to create a weight loss challenge. Theres about 20 of us participating, a huge grand prize at the end ($500 to be exact) plus other prizes. Ami created workouts for us, workout schedules, meal plans, nutrition tips. It’s really awesome and so much fun to participate with everyone. Although it’s a¬†competition, were all on the same team, rooting each other on. It’s gonna be fun. Oh and the Stevenator is participating too.

So I’m all weighed in, on day 2 of the cleanse, looking forward to my workout tonight. Check out Sasha’s blog to see what really goes in to creating a cleanse. It’s so interesting and she makes it do-able for everyone.

Until then, peace out home skillets.


This weekend at my good friends Erin and Jim’s wedding, I discovered something that I haven’t quite been able to forget. The wedding had a Cuban theme throughout the cocktail hour (Erin is part Cuban) with some amazing Cuban inspired snacks and drinks. Gazpacho, Cuban sandwiches, and Plantain chips. Not banana chips, no no no. These are straight up plantain chips. Savory, crunchy, slightly salty, and ridiculously good. And I cant find them. Anywhere. Whole Foods doesn’t have them, Safeway doesn’t have them, I’ve heard Trader Joe’s has them… but mine doesn’t apparently. So I’ve resulted to Amazon. I have a couple of bags on their way. I’ve already started planning how I will consume each bag, how long it might take, and when I should plan on ordering more.


If you’re in an area where you can access fresh plantains, and have a dehydrator. PLEASE MAKE THESE. And then tell me how good they are. And then, if you really like me, send me a bag. I will give you¬† a virtual high five. Maybe even a fist bump.