Cleansing for Reals

November 15, 2012

Welp, done and done. Today is the first day after the cleanse and I feel gooooood. I’m down 4 1/2 lbs, my skin has mostly cleared up, bloating has disappeared, my hair feels strong, and I over all feel good.

I mentioned before that I had a plan for after the cleanse was finished. My plan is to follow the Whole30 lifestyle, which is basically a very healthy version of the paleo diet: protein, veggies, fruit, and healthy fats.  Before the cleanse this didn’t seem doable. But now that I’ve got about 8 days under my belt without any wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, legumes,  or alcohol, I know I can do this.

A lot of you might be thinking what about the holidays? And you’re right. This time of the year is full of all of the things I’m trying to avoid. So, instead of forcing myself to stay away from the things that I love, I’m going into it with the mindset that I absolutely CAN have any food I want, but I’m going to make the decision of whether or not I actually want them in the moment. So no pressure, no restrictions, I can do what I want.

So join me on this new journey of living a mostly paleo lifestyle. I look forward to sharing recipes, workout routines, and updates along the way!


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