Thank god for day 5

April 18, 2013

Well hi 🙂 It’s day five of this wonderful cleanse. Clearly, as you can tell by my chipper mood, I woke up much happier today. Today for the first time in a long time, I woke up with some energy. Mentally and physically I was ready to get up when my alarm went off. And it felt good.Real good. Just to get the day going, pack up my food for the day, take my time getting ready, and spending a few extra minutes with the pups. The mornings are always fun with Harley and Kodi. We have a routine that they seem to enjoy: Let them out of their crates, eat, go to the bathroom outside, run around outside (if they’re feeling spunky), and chillin on their perches. They’ve become the official guard dogs of the neighborhood. As you can see here:




Today is my last day of all liquids, which makes for a total of three liquid only days. Considering I’ve been dreaming of steak, take out chinese food, and shredded chicken, I’m ready to start noshing on some goods. On today’s menu, I have another amazing chia/banana/coconut milk smoothie for breakfast, carrot/pineapple smoothie that I ate earlier, pear/parsley/cucumber juice for snack, green soup w/ avocado for dinner, a green juice concoction, and a vege broth that I’m having a really hard time not chugging. Plus remember I take the digestive stimulator packs with apple juice or grapefruit juice 5 times a day. It’s a lot of liquid, I’m peeing all the time. But I feel good today. I’m really looking forward to my workout, and to get my sweat on. I haven’t worked out since Monday so it’s on tonight.

More updates to come tomorrow!


Typically my Friday nights consist of the following:

1) Taking my pups for an awesome hike at Fort Funston

2) Getting into my sweats

3) Sometimes cleaning my house: mopping, vacuuming, dusting (you would not believe how dirty my house is with these two boogers) –> NOT TONIGHT THO, weeeeeeeeee!

the dog wouldnt stop chewing on his bone, hence the blurry pic

Harley is much better at taking pictures 🙂

4) Take out or a home made meal, eaten with the bf, while watching SOA, Fast N’ Loud, American Guns, Deadliest Catch… you catch my drift.

Friday nights are chill. Its my time to unwind after the weak, spend some time with the people (and animals) I love, and relax.

Tonight the bf is on his way up to Clear Lake for a camping trip. I’m staying home to attend one of my oldest friends wedding tomorrow. So, since it’s just me and the frogs, I thought I’d make myself a nice little dinner.

Sasha sent out two emails this week with some incredible meal ideas. And after seeing her and her husband tonight for a getting ripped sesh, I was inspired to cook. So I thought I’d combine these two ideas: Heirloom Tomato Salad  by 101 Cookbooks, and Dinner Made Simple by the lovely Sasha Korellis.

Here’s what I had on hand:

4 heirloom tomatoes

Red Quinoa (thanks to Sasha)

Frozen chicken breasts

Fresh red leaf lettuce

Vegetable bouillon

From Sasha’s dinner ideas, I cooked the red quinoa in the vege bouillon and poached the chicken in vege bouillon. Easy peasy.  Because I was hungry, and didn’t want to wait 60 minutes for the tomatoes, I cut them into big chunks, tossed with olive oil and salt, and baked them at 400 instead of 350 for about 25 minutes. They weren’t totally roasted, but damn did they taste good.

So here is what I built in my bowl:

3/4 or so cup of quinoa

3 leaves chopped (of red leaf lettuce)

1/2 chicken breast chopped

half of the roasted tomatoes

Dried basil (fresh would have been better, but I have yet to learn to have fresh herbs on hand)

And here is what it looked like:

Isnt’ super pretty, but you get the gist

I’m off to enjoy the rest of my night and get to bed early…. Tomorrow is going to be a long day and I have a track workout waiting for me 🙂 Nite everyone!

Yep, I’m the hot mess

July 25, 2012

Last night sucked. Well, not all of last night, but from the minute I came home, to leaving for work this morning… the last 10 hours or so have been a little rough. Here’s what happened:

1) After getting home, feeding the pups, and getting situated, I got my amazing tomato soup out to heat up and enjoy. I managed to spill a good 80% of it all over the counter, floor, my left arm/hand, and Kodi. None of which was salvageable, so my dinner was a little meager, but tasty

tomato soup!

2) One of my nightly routines this week has been cleaning out my mason jars from the day so they’re ready for the next day. I didn’t finish my green smoothie so I went to pour it out in the sink…and spilled that all over me, the counter, and some clean towels.

My dishes for the day

3) Pups had been alone all day and were cuddled up on my bed, so I thought I’d let them sleep with me for the night.

Don’t they look so innocent… well, besides the demon eyes…



4) I get night terrors every once in a while, so they’re pretty normal to me, as freaky as they are. Last night I had the most bizarre night terror  ever. Apparently I was dreaming that men were trying to get into my house. Before I went to bed I had opened up a couple windows throughout the house to air it out, so in my dream I ran out of bed and went around the house closing the windows (I was dreaming, but actually doing this). Then in the dream, one of the men got in through a window I didn’t close, so I tried to get out. I opened my back door, and in real life, set off the alarm. The alarm woke me up, and I was standing there in my kitchen, holding onto the handle of my back door, completley disoriented. Freaked me out.

5) This morning around 6am, the dogs were getting restless in bed, so I let them out in the backyard. Normally, the sprinklers go on around 3am, but for some reason they went on this morning around 6:15. In my half-awake/half asleep state, I didn’t close the back door all the way. At about 6:45, both dogs came tearing into my room, wet and muddy. My white comforter is no longer white, and my sheets are just gross. So those are now in the laundry.

6) After the mud extravangaza, I thought it would be best to get ready in my room without the dogs. So I shut the door leaving them in the other part of the house for maybe 5 minutes. MAYBE. In those 5 minutes, Harley and Kodi took the full roll of toilet paper from the guest bathroom, and basically T-P’d my entire living room. I give them credit, they did a fantastic job, but holy shit man. REALLY.

7) Finally, and this is the least of my problems right now, I gained 1.2 lbs. It bothers me, it does. Not sure why that happened, but my guess? Lack of sleep, over worked my body yesterday, and dehydrated.

All in all, its the last day of the cleanse. I’ve almost made it.  I will have a full recap of the cleanse in a later post, but until then, I hope you all have a great day!

**I have some great ideas for post-cleanse topics to write about, and of course posts for today. Let me know if there is something you would like me to discuss, any questions you have about this cleanse, etc!!**

Welp, its been a really long time since I last posted. Partly for lack of material, partly because I’m lazy, and partly because a whole lot of stuff has happened int he last month. Let’s recap:

I moved into my new place!

I’ve started a new boot camp, making that two boot camps a week and taking on more clients.

Studying my Integrative Nutrition material

I was selected for the Self 5 week Slim Down Challenge! I’m in the middle of week 1, so I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Added two adorable australian shepherds to my family… meet Kodi and Harley







They are 10 weeks old and technically “mini australian shepherds”. Their paws say otherwise, but we’ll see as they grow up lol.  I’ve had them for about two weeks, but its been a rough two weeks as they’ve been in and out of the vet. They seem to be doing better, so please think good thoughts!

With my new place and the holidays around us, I’ve been cooking a lot more, which means more recipes to share with all of you! I’ll be posting some of my impromptu recipes, favorite holiday recipes, and recipes I’ve been meaning to post. So look out for that… along with an obscene amount of pictures of my two boys.

**Thought of the day: What are your favorite holiday recipes? What memories do they bring back when you eat them?**